Alaska Act to Recognize Legal Personhood (2012)

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The Alaska Act to Recognize Legal Personhood, did not appear on the 2012 ballot in the state of Alaska as an indirect initiated state statute. The measure would have recognized the legal personhood of all human beings including unborn children. The proposal was sponsored by Christopher Kurka, Windy Thomas and Kanika Koruna, and was filed on August 24, 2009.[1]

Since the one year filing deadline for the measure to be considered for legislative action or the ballot was past the election date in 2010, the measure would have appeared on the next primary election date in 2012.

Path to the ballot

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The initiative effort needed to collect 30,169 signatures by the one year filing deadline of November 5, 2010 in order to have been considered for enactment or the ballot. However, proponents did not file signatures by the one year deadline.

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