Alaska Same-Sex Public Employment Benefits Question (2007)

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The Alaska Advisory Vote on Same-Sex Public Employment Benefits appeared on a special statewide ballot in Alaska on April 3, 2007. It was an advisory question, allowing the state's voters to weigh in on whether or not they wanted the state legislature, in a future year, to put a binding constitutional amendment question on the state's ballot pertaining to government benefits for same-sex partners.

The advisory vote was approved.

Election results

Alaska Advisory Vote on Same-Sex Public Employment Benefits
Approveda Yes 60,896 52.80%

Text of measure

To be considered on April 3, 2007. This is a non-binding advisory question.

Shall the legislature adopt a proposed amendment to the state constitution to be considered by the voters at the 2008 general election that would prohibit the state, or a municipality or other subdivision of the state, from providing employment benefits to same-sex partners of public employees and to same-sex partners of public employee retirees?

Donors for and against

Supporters of the advisory measure formed a group called "Vote Yes for Marriage" and in addition to one smaller group, spent $43,302 in favor of a "yes" vote.

Opponents formed a group called "Alaskans Together" and spent $129,285 in favor of a "no" vote.[1]

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