Alaska Bottle Deposit, Proposition 5 (1978)

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The Alaska Bottle Deposit Initiative appeared on the 1978 ballot in Alaska, where it was defeated, earning 39.9% "yes" votes.

The language on the ballot said, "This proposal would provide that all beer and carbonated beverage containers sold in certain areas of Alaska after July 1, 1979, have refund value of at least ten cents. Areas without access to Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and Ketchikan by road, rail or mainline state ferry service would not be affected. An unaffected area could elect to participate by vote of its local governing body. Containers would have to be marked "Alaska Refund -- 10 cents" or "Rural Alaska -- No Refund." Dealers could refuse to accept unstamped, damaged, or unsanitary containers. Pull tabs on metal beverage containers would be banned statewide."