Alaska Dedicated Funds Amendment (2010)

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The Alaska Dedicated Funds Amendment did not appear on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the state of Alaska. Representative Peggy Wilson introduced the proposed constitutional amendment, stating a need for a solution to the deteriorating funding for state transportation endeavors. The proposed measure would have amended the constitution to allow for dedicated funds to be created in the state.[1]

Wilson proposed the amendment due to laws in the state constitution that did not allow for dedicated funds such as the introduced Transportation Infrastructure Fund. The Transportation Committee approved the ballot question on February 9, 2010. However, further steps must have been taken in order for the amendment to be placed on the ballot. Legislative session adjourned without the measure being sent to the ballot.[2]

Constitutional changes

If the measure was enacted by the Alaska voters, the measure would have amended Article IX of the Alaska Constitution by adding Section 18. The new section would read:[3]

(a) The revenue received after April 1, 2011, from any state tax on fuel used for the propulsion of motor vehicles, aircraft, and watercraft, less refunds, credits, and collection costs as provided by law, and from a registration fee levied for a motor vehicle that is not a special registration fee provided by law shall be placed in a transportation infrastructure fund. The legislature may appropriate additional amounts to the fund. The fund shall be managed as an endowment. Each year, the legislature may appropriate a percentage of the average market value of the fund as established by law for capital projects for transportation and related facilities.
(b) The legislature shall provide by law for the management and investment of the fund balance. The income earned from the fund shall be deposited into the fund.

Path to the ballot

If the measure is passed by 2/3rds of the Alaska Legislature, it will be referred to the ballot for Alaska voters to decide upon, as per Article 13 of the Alaska Constitution.

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