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Alaska Gateway School District, Alaska

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Alaska Gateway School District is a school district in the U.S. state of Alaska.

The Alaska Gateway School District encompasses 28,000 square miles in Eastern Alaska and serves approximately 400 students.[1] It's graduation rate is just below 70%.[2]

Website evaluation

The good

  • Some of the past Board meeting minutes are available but no current meeting information is available[3].
  • The Board members and their contact information are available[4].
  • A district flow chart listing the names, email addresses and phone numbers for all administrators is posted on the website[5].
  • Some academic performance information for the 2007-08 school year is available. A schedule of the state tests that are administered each year is also available[6].

The bad

  • No tax information is available.
  • No budgets are available.
  • No vendor contracts are posted, although union contracts are available on the district's website[7]
  • There is no information about requesting public records.
  • No audits are posted.
  • No background checks are mentioned.

School Board

The names and contact information for each Regional School Board member is posted on the district's website.[8]

Name Position Seat
Donna Northway Member A
Lisa Conrad Treasurer/Secretary B
Jill Kranenburg Member C
Melinda Rallo Vice-President D
Doug Hosken Member E
Bill Miller President F
Tim Beaucage Member G

Minutes of the board meetings are found online in the Superintendent's Board Action Summary.[9] The Board also posts its policies online.[10]

Teacher Contracts

The collective bargaining agreement between the Board and the Alaska Gateway Education Association (AGEA) for 2007-10 is posted online.[11]


Although the district budget is not posted on its website, the teacher salary schedule is contained in the collective bargaining agreement. For the 2009-10 academic year, teacher salaries in the district range from $41,200 to $72,000.[12]

Academic Performance

The district has not made adequate yearly progress as assessed by the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development. [13]

School Grade Enrollment Made Adequate Yearly Progress for 2009?
Dot Lake School K-12 14 Yes
Eagle Community School K-12 25 Yes
Gateway Correspondence K-12 61 No
Mentasta Lake School K-12 15 Yes
Tanacross School K-8 26 No
Tetlin School K-12 25 No
Tok School K-12 199 No
Walter Northway School K-12 46 Yes

School Choice

Gateway Correspondence is the district-wide correspondence school.


Teachers and all certificated employees of the district are represented by the Alaska Gateway Education Association ("AGEA"). Regardless of membership in the association, a $25 negotiation fee is deducted from each teacher's first paycheck of the work year and transmitted to the AGEA.[14]

The Alaska Gateway Education Support Personnel is the sole representative of all classified employees of the district. Its contract with the board is also posted on the district's website.[15]


The district is a member of the Association of Alaska School Boards.[16] The AASB states on its website that it promotes pro-education legislation and to protect the principle of local control of public education, with its efforts led by its Executive Director.[17] The AASB also issues a Legislative Handbook to members of its Legislative Network and publishes a Legislative Bulletin.[18][19] The AASB is also an affiliate of the National School Boards Association and its Federal Relations Network, which addresses the legislative process at a national level.[20][21]

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