Alaska House Bill 36 (2010)

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Alaska House Bill 36 (2010)
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Legislature:Alaska State Legislature
Text:As Enrolled
Sponsor(s):Johansen, Millett, et al
Legislative History
Introduced:January 20, 2010
State house:April 10, 2010
Vote (lower house):Y30, N9, A1
State senate:April 18, 2010
Vote (upper house):Y19, N1
Governor:Sean Parnell
Signed:July 9, 2010
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Alaska
Alaska House Bill 36 is a 2010 Alaska law that changed campaign finance and other technical requirements of Alaska's initiative and referendum laws. The changes to the campaign finance provisions include mandatory registration and reporting for individuals and groups who plan to contribute $500 or more to support or oppose a ballot measure. Also, the law also changes how a person or a group is defined under state campaign finance law.

The bill also creates a single-subject rule on all ballot questions. In addition, the law requires the Lieutenant Governor to organize two or more hearings on certified ballot initiatives in each judicial district, presenting testimony from a single proponent and opponent of each measure. A printed voter information guide for special elections is also be required under the bill. Additionally, the law mandates that a standing legislative committee hold at least one hearing on all initiatives determined to be properly filed.[1]

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