Alaska Limiting State Funding of Abortions Initiative, Measure 6 (1982)

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The Alaska Initiative to Limit State Funding of Abortions appeared on the 1982 ballot in Alaska.

1982 election results

Alaska Initiative to Limit State Funding of Abortions (1982)
Yes or no Votes Percentage
Yes 77,829 40.8%
10px-600px-Red x.png No 112,995 59.2%
Total votes 190,824 100% precincts

Ballot Language

The language on the ballot said, "This initiative would amend the provisions of Title 47 of the Alaska Statutes, Welfare, Social Services and Institutions, by prohibiting state funding of abortions except upon written certification of a physician that the procedure was necessary to preserve the life of a patient and that all reasonable efforts were made to preserve the life of the unborn. The bill provides that the prohibition of state funding of abortions will not affect state participation in the medicaid program established under Title XIX of the Social Security Act."

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