Alaska Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative, Measure 5 (2000)

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The Alaska Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative appeared on the November 2000 ballot in Alaska. It was also known as Ballot Measure 5. The measure was defeated, with 40% in favor. It was a citizen-sponsored initiative.

The wording for the initiative said:

"An act to re-legalize hemp. This bill would do away with civil and criminal penalties for persons 18 years or older who use marijuana, or other hemp products. These products include hemp used for paper, fiber, food, fuel, medicine, or personal use in private. Marijuana would be regulated like an alcoholic beverage. Doctors could prescribe marijuana. The bill allows for laws limiting marijuana use in some cases to protect public safety. It grants amnesty to persons convicted in the past of marijuana crimes. The bill creates an advisory group to study restitution for those persons. Should this initiative become law?: