Alaska Reduce Transportation Regulation Initiative (1984)

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The Reduce Transportation Regulation was on the 1984 election ballot in Alaska, where it was approved.

The question on the ballot was, "This initiative would repeal statutes which establish the Alaska Transportation Commission and the statutes which empower the commission to regulate activities of air carriers and motor freight operators. The initiative requires that persons who carry passengers or freight for hire provide insurance or other adequate security to assure financial responsibility for their activities. The initiative restricts the power of municipalities to regulate persons who carry passengers or freight. It also directs the governor to seek repeal of federal statutes (the Jones Act) which require the use of United States vessels to ship goods between United States ports."

1984 election results

Alaska Reduce Transportation Regulation Initiative (1984)
Yes or no Votes Percentage
15px-600px-Yes check.png Yes - 59.8%
No - 40.2%
Total votes - 100% precincts

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