Alaska Term Limits Pledge, Measure 7 (1998)

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Alaska Ballot Measure 7, also known as the Term limits pledge for candidates, was on the November 7, 1998 election ballot in Alaska. It passed, with 50.2% of voters in favor.

Text of the proposal

The language that appeared on the ballot:

This bill would require the lieutenant governor to allow candidates for the United States Congress or Alaska Legislature to make a term limits pledge. A candidate would pledge to limit service to three terms in the U.S. House and two in the Senate or to eight out of 16 years in the Alaska Legislature. The bill would require printing "signed term limits pledge" next to the pledging candidate's name on the ballot and other state election material. It would similarly require printing "broke term limits pledge" if a pledging candidate seeks a term exceeding the term limits in the pledge.

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