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Aleutians East Borough School District, Alaska

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Transparency grading process
Aleutians East Borough School District is a school district in the U.S. state of Alaska. It is located in the Aleutians East Borough, Alaska in Southwestern Alaska along the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Chain and the district encompasses approximately 15,000 square miles. The Aleutians East Borough School District has a graduation rate of 80%.[1]

Website evaluation

The good

  • A few old Board meeting minutes are posted online[2].
  • Contact information for the School Board members is available[3].
  • Contact information for the Administrators is also available[4].
  • Academic performance reports are available[5].

The bad

  • No tax information is available.
  • No budgets are posted.
  • No contracts are posted.
  • There is no information about requesting public records.
  • No audits are posted.
  • Background checks are not mentioned.

School Board

Information on school board members, including contact information, and board meeting minutes are found on the website.[6]

Name Seat Position Term Expires
Glen Gardner, Jr. A Member 2012
Tiffany Jackson B Board Chair 2010
Hillary Smith C Member 2011
Nanette Johnson D Member 2011
Brenda Wilson E Member 2010
Demetri Tcheripanoff F Vice-Chair 2012
Nancy Dushkin G Member 2010

Academic Performance

In the 2008-09 academic year, the district met Annual Yearly Progress criteria established by the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development.[7] Of all students tested in grades 3-10, 74.5% were proficient or advanced in Language Arts and 66.9% were proficient or advanced in Math.[8]


The district is a member of the Association of Alaska School Boards.[9] The AASB states on its website that it promotes pro-education legislation and to protect the principle of local control of public education, with its efforts led by its Executive Director.[10] The AASB also issues a Legislative Handbook to members of its Legislative Network and publishes a Legislative Bulletin.[11][12] The AASB is also an affiliate of the National School Boards Association and its Federal Relations Network, which addresses the legislative process at a national level.[13][14]

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