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American Majority
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Leadership: Ned Ryun
Political Party: Nonpartisan
Website: American Majority
American Majority is a nonprofit, nonpartisan political training organization. Founded with an initial investment by the Sam Adams Alliance, it is sustained by individual donors. The organization provides political training to conservative activists and candidates in state and local elections.[1] Registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the group describes itself as "a non-partisan political training institute whose stated mission is to train and equip a national network of leadership committed to individual freedom through limited government and the free market."

American Majority was founded in 2008 by Ned Ryun, a former presidential writer for George W. Bush, the son of former Republican U.S. Congressman Jim Ryun. Headquartered in Purcellville, Virginia, the organization trains across the country with staffed offices in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Florida, Illinois, and Texas. Until the spring of 2011, American Majority operated state offices in Kansas, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Missouri as well.

State Offices' Impact


Mark Darr and his future campaign manager attended an American Majority training in December 2009. Mark faced a formidable primary opponent but won his primary to face a long-term incumbent that had a loyal following on both sides of the aisle. Mark’s opponent was overwhelmingly popular in is district and surrounding areas, but Mark applied what he learned through American Majority and won his campaign for Lt. Governor in November of 2010 by just over two points. [2]


In the spring 2009 local elections, 23 of 54 American Majority trained candidates won. Fall 2010 victories include Terry Calloway who was identified and trained by American Majority in hopes that he would challenge a very liberal state house incumbent who had voted for the second-largest tax increase in Kansas history. Calloway handily beat a primary challenger, then went on to win the general election with 52% of the vote. In addition, his campaign manager was trained through American Majority’s Campus Majority program, as was his online director, who created Calloway’s website and managed his new media. [3] American Majority has also held successful activist trainings across Kansas that covers various topics and factors in political activism such as coalitions, holding events, the structure of government in Kansas, holding elected officials accountable, and how to effectively use wikis, blogs, and social media.[4]


Washington County Commissioner Lisa Weik was identified and trained by American Majority and is currently in her first term on the commission board. She opposed a recent ½ cent sales tax increase, and has been very vocal in her support of rescinding a tax on transit projects. Lisa recently came out strongly against the city administrator’s proposal to raise property taxes in Washington County’s 2011 budget. [5] American Majority has continued to expand its presence in Minnesota by training 37 conservative candidates in 2010. [6]


In spring 2009 local elections, 17 of 27 candidates trained by American Majority were victorious. Victories in 2010 include Josh Brecheen, who attended an American Majority candidate training in Oklahoma City in the spring of 2010, declaring, “Guys, I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m gonna do the best I can.” He ran against a two-term and very popular incumbent state senator, Jay Paul Gumm. Brecheen’s campaign manager was also trained by American Majority. As they report, they ran their race based on what American Majority taught them and executed it flawlessly. Breechen defeated Gumm by double-digits in Oklahoma’s “Little Dixie,” where Republicans have never won a state senate race. [7] In the same year 8 of 12 school board candidates that the organization trained in Oklahoma were elected. The organization also trained the state’s superintendent of public instruction, Janet Barresi, who was elected in 2010.[8]


American Majority trained Dr. Pam Galloway. Despite not having held any prior political office, she definitively beat Wisconsin State Senate’s Majority Leader Russ Decker, who was a five-term incumbent, by ten points. Pam’s victory was called one of the most stunning results of election night in Wisconsin. [9]

American Majority has been a leader in encouraging anti-union protests in Wisconsin, coordinating the “I Stand With Walker” rally in Madison, W.I. on February 19, 2011. [10].


Lt. Colonel Brian Birdwell attended an American Majority candidate training in the summer of 2009 and was encouraged to pursue public office at the state level. He won a tough election for state senator in 2010 against the establishment favorite, with many of his campaign volunteers trained through American Majority’s activist workshops. [11]


The organization's main focus is training. Offering three “tracks” including activists, candidates and college students, American Majority seeks to transition the tea party movement from protests to local activism. [12] Trainings cover a variety of topics from the history of our political system to effective ways to campaign online.[13].

Constitution Day Training Bomb

In July of 2011, American Majority announced its first ever Constitution Day "Training Bomb,"[14] which will take place on September 17th, 2011. The concept of the Training Bomb is based on the popular "money bomb" fundraising strategy employed by political candidates such as Ron Paul, in which donors are asked to contribute money to reach a usually ambitious target amount in a single day. Applying this concept to its primary function, American Majority aims to train hundreds of activists and candidates across thirteen cities on the same day. American Majority president Ned Ryun has dubbed the Training Bomb "the biggest one-day training of conservative activists ever."[15] In coordination with the initial announcement, American Majority established the website, on which information is posted about trainings, locations, and schedules.

Social Media

The organization makes use of social media to disseminate their opinions and electoral information, and publishes documents to its followers illustrating the basics of social media.[16]. American Majority has emerged as a powerhouse resource providing social media tools for activists. [17]. They provide comprehensive beginner guides on Twitter and Facebook as well as videos on a range of other topics including YouTube and Wikis.

American Majority is active on Twitter as @AM_National. [18] It can be found on Facebook at[19]

By the Numbers

Since January 2009, American Majority has trained 21,136 activists on how to hardwire precincts, build coalitions, be effective online, and work for greater transparency and accountability in our government. They have also trained 2,014 candidates on how to run for office and win politically so that the new leaders can implement policies that reflect free enterprise, limited government and fiscal responsibility and conducted 553 trainings in 44 states. [20]

Training numbers for 2012:[21]

  • 604 Events
  • 21,136 Activists trained
  • 2,014 Candidates trained


American Majority has launched several websites as part of its political operations, including, and the now-closed The former is a site designed to encourage the public to subscribe to its mailing list. The latter was a tool for coordinating additional protests during the 2010 August congressional recess.

American Majority has been a leader in encouraging anti-union protests in Wisconsin, coordinating the “I Stand With Walker” rally in Madison, W.I. on February 19, 2011. [10].

New Leaders Project

On November 16, 2010 American Majority announced the New Leaders Project. [22] Working with local tea party leaders, American Majority aims to identify and train 10,000 new leaders by the 2012 elections. [23]

AM Podcasts

American Majority's free podcasts offers the acclaimed "Running for Office" series to practical political guides on how to "Hardwire Your Precinct" and how to hold elected officials accountable. [24]

Nonprofit status

American Majority is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Legally the organization is only able to keep this status by not explicitly endorsing any party or candidate, the organization openly admits its conservative views and "identifies" conservative candidates for its members.[25]


American Majority Racing is a national program of American Majority, the nation’s leading conservative grassroots training organization. The program is designed to target millions of NASCAR fans from all political backgrounds in an unprecedented effort to engage them in the electoral process. Having teamed up with NASCAR driver Jason Bowles and car #81 MacDonald Motorsports for the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series racing season, the American Majority Racing program is designed to educate Americans about how smaller government and less spending will “Keep America Free.” Through, American Majority Racing encourages all Americans to register and vote in the 2012 elections.[26]

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