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The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.
{{bluedot}} '''Democrats (10)'''
{{Committee members, SLP
*[[Kenneth Dunkin]] ''Chair''
|Collapse= Yes
*[[Cynthia Soto]] ''Vice Chair''
|Committee= Appropriations-Higher Education
*[[Monique D. Davis]]
|year= 2011
*[[William Davis]]
|Dem1= Kenneth Dunkin
*[[Al Riley]]
|Demchair1= Chair
*[[Daniel K. Biss]]
|Dem2= Cynthia Soto
*[[Mary E. Flowers]]
|Demchair2= Vice-chair
*[[Daniel V. Beiser]]
|Dem3= Monique D. Davis
*[[Naomi D. Jakobsson]]
|Dem4= William Davis
*[[Thaddeus Jones]]
|Dem5= Al Riley
|Dem6= Daniel K. Biss
{{reddot}} '''Republicans (9)'''
|Dem7= Mary E. Flowers
*[[Chapin Rose]] ''Republican Spokesperson''
|Dem8= Daniel V. Beiser
*[[Robert W. Pritchard]]
|Dem9= Naomi D. Jakobsson  
*[[John Cavaletto]]
|Dem10= Thaddeus Jones
*[[Norine Hammond]]
|Rep1= Chapin Rose
*[[Richard Morthland]]
|Rep2= Robert W. Pritchard
*[[Mike Bost]]
|Rep3= John Cavaletto
*[[Dan Brady]]
|Rep4= Norine Hammond
*[[Rich Brauer]]
|Rep5= Richard Morthland
*[[Raymond Poe]]
|Rep6= Mike Bost
|Rep7= Dan Brady
|Rep8= Rich Brauer
|Rep9= Raymond Poe

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The Appropriations-Higher Education Committee is a standing committee of the Illinois House of Representatives.



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Appropriations-Higher Education Members, 2013
Democratic members (14)Republican members (9)
Kenneth Dunkin, ChairNorine Hammond
Cynthia Soto, Vice-chairMike Bost
Kelly M. BurkeDan Brady
Linda Chapa LaViaJohn Cavaletto
Monique D. DavisBrad Halbrook
William DavisJosh Harms
Laura FineRaymond Poe
Jehan GordonRobert W. Pritchard
Naomi D. JakobssonJoe Sosnowski
Thaddeus Jones
Brandon W. Phelps
Mike Smiddy
Silvana Tabares
Chris Welch


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.


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