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Appropriations Committee, Kansas House of Representatives

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The Appropriations Committee is a standing committee of the Kansas House of Representatives.

Per the House Rules, committees of the Kansas House of Representatives are assigned by the Speaker of the House.[1] Committees are assigned at the start of each term.[2] A majority of appointed members make up a committee's quorum.[3] The Speaker is not recognized as an "ex officio" member of any committee.

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: House Rules



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Appropriations Members, 2013
Democratic members (6)Republican members (17)
Jerry HenryMarc Rhoades, Chair
Barbara BallardGene Suellentrop, Vice-chair
Sydney CarlinRichard Carlson
Nile DillmoreWard Cassidy
Robert GrantJ. David Crum
Harold LanePeter DeGraaf
Amanda Grosserode
Kyle Hoffman
Mark E. Hutton
Mark Kahrs
Kasha Kelley
Marvin Kleeb
Jerry Lunn
Virgil Peck, Jr.
Ron Ryckman
Sharon Schwartz
Brian Weber


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.


The following table describes committee membership for the 2009 legislative session.

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