Approval rates of local school bond and tax elections

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Approval rates of local school bond and tax elections is a project that identifies the annual approval rates of local school bond and tax measures. School bond measures are typically used by public school districts to finance a building project or other capital project. Forty states require voter approval of bond issues as a matter of course, and in seven more, voters can petition to have bond issues placed on the ballot. Local school district bond and tax ballot measure elections vary from state-to-state, read more about them here.

Reports: This study was launched in 2010. Reports are published twice a year: July and January. The July report covers the months of January through July. The second report includes the months of August through December and includes a summary of the year's approval rates. An approval rate is the percentage of school bond and tax measures approved. Also, included in the study are the

States: School bond and tax measures in 15 states are tracked and reviewed at the local level. All measures that are available on county websites or databases are included in the study. Find out more about the availability of election data at the local level here.

Also included in the study, is the amount of school bond money approved and defeated by voters.

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Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Approval rates by year: 201220112010


Year # school bond and tax measures Approval rate School bond money Ballotpedia report
2012 1,928 total
741- school tax issues, 487- school bond issues
72.08% $22,246,563,990
2011 2,258 total
723 - school tax issues, 270 - school bond issues
72.9% $2,945,110,000
2010 1,278 total
754 - school tax issues, 380 - school bond issues
144 measures - other school issues.
62.6% - Link

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