Arizona Proposition 106 Repeal Amendment (2012)

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The Arizona Proposition 106 Repeal Amendment did not make the November 6, 2011 ballot in the state of Arizona as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure would have repealed Proposition 106 that was approved by voters in 2000. Proposition 106 amended the Arizona Constitution to create an independent redistricting commission to re-draw the state's legislative and congressional district lines after every census.[1]

Path to the ballot

A majority vote is required in the Arizona State Legislature to send a constitutional amendment to the ballot. Arizona is one of ten states that allow a referred amendment to go on the ballot after a majority vote in one session of the state's legislature.

Legislative session

The deadline for the measure to be placed on the ballot was February 28, 2012. However, reports out of the state said that support for the measure in the lawmaking body weakened and the measure was not placed on the ballot.[2]

On November 29, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer stated her refusal to call a special session of Arizona Legislature to discuss a proposal to place the repeal on the 2012 ballot.

According to Brewer, the governor did not want to be rushed into that situation, and also stated that she had seen "no evidence" that voters were ready to repeal the measure, which would have dissolved the Independent Redistricting Commission.[3]

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