Arizona Public Land Trapping Amendment, Proposition 200 (1992)

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The Arizona Public Land Trapping Amendment, also known as Proposition 200, was a citizen-initiated state statute on the statewide ballot in Arizona, which was defeated in the statewide election on November 3, 1992.

  • This proposed statute bans certain devices and substances for taking wildlife on public land.[1]

Election results

Arizona Proposition 200 (1992)
Defeatedd No889,72261.97%
Yes 545,977 38.03%

Official results via: State of Arizona Official Canvass

Text of measure

The text of the ballot read:


An initiative measure
Relating to game and fish: defining unlawful methods of taking wildlife; and adding Section 17.301(D), (E) and (F) to Arizona revised statutes to define lawful methods of taking or capturing wildlife, specifically banning certain lethal and/or dangerous devices, allowing the use of implement in hand and allowing non-lethal research methods of capture.


An act banning certain devices, such as legtraps, and substances for certain taking of wildlife on public lands, except as determined for health and safety; exempting from this ban the taking of wildlife with guns or other implements in hand; also stating a policy of humane and non-lethal wildlife management and property protection.[1][2]

Constitutional changes

Be it enacted by the people of Arizona:
The following amendments, amending Section 17-301, Arizona Revised Statutes by the addition of new paragraphs 17-301(0), 17-30l(E) and 17-30l(F) are proposed to become valid when approved by a majority of the qualified electors voting thereon and upon proclamation of the governor.
A. Arizonans have a strong commitment to the public lands of our State. Only 17% of our State is privately owned. The rest of our land and the creatures on it are one of our most precious and valuable resources. Today, we are using our public lands more and more for recreation. We appreciate the wildlife of our State and acknowledge its existence for its own sake and not for our inhumane exploitation. The leghold trap, and other devices, pose a growing threat to our safety and the safety of our pets. The cruelty these devices bring to those animals that share the land with us can no longer be tolerated.
B. It is the intention and desire of the people of Arizona to make our public lands safe and humane for all creatures found on Arizona's public lands. We desire to manage our wildlife and protect our property by humane and non-lethal methods. We, therefore, propose the following initiative.
SECTION 2. Section 17-301 is amended to read, in addition to 17-30l(A), (B), (C), by the addition of paragraph 17-301(0), (E) and (F):
17-301(0) All other provisions of this title notwithstanding, including A.R.S. Section 17-302, it shall be unlawful to take wildlife on any state-owned land or leased land or other public lands, including, but not limited to,lands administered by the National Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Department of Defense, Arizona Parks Department, and any county or municipality with any leghold trap, and conibear style trap of the instant kill or body-gripping type design, any snare, explosive, poison, stupefying substance, flammable or pyrotechnic device, except where necessary to protect human health and safety as may be determined from time to time by county or city boards of health or local health departments.
17-301 (E) No restriction in paragraph D shall prohibit the taking of wildlife with guns or other implements in hand as may be defined and/or regulated from time to time by the Commission.
17-30 I (F) No restrictions in paragraph D shall prohibit the use of snares, stupefying substances or nets to temporarily detain wildlife for scientific research projects or studies or relocation, nor prohibit use of poisons or stupefying substances by the Department to manage aquatic wildlife as may be regulated by the Commission from time to time.[1]


Those in support of the amendment include:[1]

  • Arizonans for Safety and Humanity on Public Lands

Arguments in favor of the amendment include:[1]

  • Leghold traps, snares, explosives, etc. are no longer necessary and pose a problem to humans and pets.
  • The types of traps listed in this proposition can still be used if necessary to protect health and safety if given approval from local health authorities.


Those in opposition to the amendment include:Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no content must have a name

  • Arizona Wildlife Federation
  • Arizona Farm Bureau
  • Arizona Cattlemen's Association
  • Arizona Citizen's Coalition on Resource Decisions
  • Tuscon Rod & Gun Club
  • Arizona State Game and Fish Commission
  • Arizonans for Wildlife Conservation

Arguments in opposition of the amendment include:[1]

  • The proposition would eliminate the most effective ways to control not only pests like coyotes but also rats and mice on public property.

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