Arizona Veterans' Cemeteries Amendment (2010)

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The Arizona Veterans' Cemeteries Amendment did not appear on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the state of Arizona. The measure would have allowed lawmakers to provide for leasing of lands that would be used as cemeteries dedicated to veterans. The measure was not acted on by the legislature before session ended. Details of the proposed constitutional amendment included:[1][2]
  • Use of lands to be used on cemeteries be transferred to government agencies, state or federal, or appropriate institutions.
  • Each parcel of cemetery land will be located in urbanized areas of Arizona.
  • A parcel will not be more than two hundred fifty acres

Constitutional changes

If enacted by Arizona voters, the measure would have amended Article X of the Arizona Constitution by adding Section 12.[1]

Path to the ballot

A majority vote was required in the Arizona State Legislature to refer a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment measure to the ballot. Arizona is one of ten states that allows a referred amendment to go on the ballot after a majority vote in one session of the state's legislature.

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