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List of school districts in Arizona

State profile
Number of students: 1,071,751
Number of schools: 2,380
Graduation rate: 85.2%
Per-pupil spending: $7,666
State school administration
Executive Officer and Superintendent: John Huppenthal
State Board Members: 10
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List of school districts in Arizona
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Arizona is home to 2,380 schools and 1,071,751 K-12 students.[1]

Quick facts

State school administrators

  • State Board of Education
    • John Huppenthal, Executive Officer and Superintendent
    • Thomas Tyree, President and County School Superintendent
    • Greg Miller, Vice President and Charter School Administrator
    • Roger Jacks, High School District Superintendent
    • Dr. Ann Hart, University President
    • Amy Hamilton, Classroom teacher
    • Dr. James Rottweiler, Community College President
    • Eileen Klein, Public Member
    • Jaime Molera, Public Member
    • Jacob Moore, Public Member
    • Diane Ortiz-Parsons, Public Member


The following table displays the top ten Arizona school districts by total student enrollment.

Student enrollment
1.) Mesa Public Schools
2.) Tucson Unified School District
3.) Chandler Unified School District
4.) Gilbert Public Schools
5.) Peoria Unified School District
6.) Deer Valley Unified School District
7.) Paradise Valley Unified School District
8.) Scottsdale Unified School District
9.) Phoenix Union High School District
10.) Dysart Unified School District


The following table displays the ethnic distribution of students in Arizona.[2]

Ethnicity Percentage
White 42.9%
Hispanic 42.2%
African American 5.6%
American Indian 5.2%
Asian 3.0%
Two or More 1.2%

School board elections

Upcoming elections

See also: Arizona school board elections, 2014

In 2014, 30 top enrollment school districts in Arizona will hold elections for a total of 72 seats. With the exception of one election scheduled for December, all of these elections will be held on November 4, 2014.

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