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Arizona secret ballot measure taken off the ballot

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July 1, 2010

MARICOPA COUNTY, Arizona: Arizona voters will have to subtract the amount of measures on the November 2, 2010 ballot by one. A Maricopa County judge struck the a measure from the ballot on June 30, 2010, a measure that would have extended the right of Arizonans to use a secret ballot in union organizing votes and public votes.[1]

County Superior Court Judge ruled that the measure violated Arizona's single subject rule, deciding that public votes and union votes were not "sufficiently or logically related to one another." The judge also stated that the Arizona Constitution already required secret ballot for public elections.

The lawsuit, which is filed as Case Number CV2010-014942, was filed by the United Food & Commercial Workers Local 99, and the defendants, as listed by the case file, included the Legislature Of The State Of Arizona, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett and the Board Of Supervisors Of Maricopa County.[2]

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