Article III, Illinois Constitution

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Illinois Constitution
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Article III of the Illinois Constitution is entitled Suffrage and Elections. In addition to setting voting qualifications, this article established a State Board of

Elections to act as the central coordinating authority for all the state’s election districts. The last section provides for all general elections except local ones to take place at the same time as elections for the General Assembly, to increase voter turnout.

Section 1

Text of Section 1:

Voting Qualifications

Every United States citizen who has attained the age of 18 or any other voting age required by the United States for voting in State elections and who has been a permanent resident of this State for at least 30 days next preceding any election shall have the right to vote at such election. The General Assembly by law may establish registration requirements and require permanent residence in an election district not to exceed thirty days prior to an election. The General Assembly by law may establish shorter residence requirements for voting for President and Vice-President of the United States.

(Source: Amendment adopted at general election November 8, 1988.)

Section 2

Text of Section 2:

Voting Disqualifications

A person convicted of a felony, or otherwise under sentence in a correctional institution or jail, shall lose the right to vote, which right shall be restored not later than upon completion of his sentence.

Section 3

Text of Section 3:


All elections shall be free and equal.

Section 4

Text of Section 4:

Election Laws

The General Assembly by law shall define permanent residence for voting purposes, insure secrecy of voting and the integrity of the election process, and facilitate registration and voting by all qualified persons. Laws governing voter registration and conduct of elections shall be general and uniform.

Section 5

Text of Section 5:

Board of Elections

A State Board of Elections shall have general supervision over the administration of the registration and election laws throughout the State. The General Assembly by law shall determine the size, manner of selection and compensation of the Board. No political party shall have a majority of members of the Board.

Section 6

Text of Section 6:

General Election

As used in all articles of this Constitution except Article VII, "general election" means the biennial election at which members of the General Assembly are elected. Such election shall be held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November in even-numbered years or on such other day as provided by law.

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