Article VII, Alaska Constitution

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Alaska Constitution
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Articles XII of the Alaska Constitution is entitled Health, Education and Welfare and contains five sections. Article VII defines the responsibilities of the Alaskan legislature to provide a suitable system of education as well as good public health and welfare programs. While the latter two sections are not defined in the depth, the educational system defined by Article VII prescribes that public education shall be established, the University of Alaska shall be established, and a board of regents shall be formed to govern the University of Alaska.

Section 1

Text of Section 1:

Public Education

The legislature shall by general law establish and maintain a system of public schools open to all children of the State, and may provide for other public educational institutions. Schools and institutions so established shall be free from sectarian control. No money shall be paid from public funds for the direct benefit of any religious or other private educational institution.

Section 2

Text of Section 2:

State University

The University of Alaska is hereby established as the state university and constituted a body corporate. It shall have title to all real and personal property now or hereafter set aside for or conveyed to it. Its property shall be administered and disposed of according to law.

Section 3

Text of Section 3:

Board of Regents

The University of Alaska shall be governed by a board of regents. The regents shall be appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by a majority of the members of the legislature in joint session. The board shall, in accordance with law, formulate policy and appoint the president of the university. He shall be the executive officer of the board.

Section 4

Text of Section 4:

Public Health

The legislature shall provide for the promotion and protection of public health.

Section 5

Text of Section 5:

Public Welfare

The legislature shall provide for public welfare.

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