Article XIIIB, Oklahoma Constitution

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Oklahoma Constitution
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Article XIIIB of the Oklahoma Constitution is entitled Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges and consists of four sections.

Section 1

Text of Section 1:

Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges - Creation, Members, Terms, Etc.

There is hereby created a Board to be known as the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges, and shall consist of nine (9) members to be appointed by the Governor, by and with the consent of the Senate. The Governor shall appoint one (1) member to serve for one (1) year, one (1) member to serve for two (2) years, one (1) member to serve for three (3) years, one (1) member to serve for four (4) years, one (1) member to serve for five (5) years, one (1) member to serve for six (6) years, one (1) member to serve for seven (7) years, one (1) member to serve for eight (8) years, and one (1) member to serve for nine (9) years. Provided that one (1) member shall come from each Congressional District and the ninth (9th) member shall be the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Their successors shall be appointed for a term of nine (9) years, and such appointments shall be made within ninety (90) days after the term expires. Vacancies shall be filled by the Governor within ninety (90) days after the vacancy occurs. Each member of the Board, except the State Superintendent shall receive as compensation the sum of Ten ($10.00) Dollars per day, not to exceed sixty (60) days in any fiscal year while he is actually engaged in the performance of duties, and he shall also be allowed the necessary travel expenses as approved by the Board and paid in the manner provided by law. The Board shall elect a president and vice-president who shall perform such duties as the Board directs. No executive board meetings shall be held at any time unless such executive session is ordered by a unanimous vote of the Board. The personnel of the Board of Regents of the Oklahoma Colleges shall not include more than two (2) members from any one profession, vocation, or occupation. No member of the Board shall be eligible to be an officer, supervisor, president, instructor, or employee of any of the colleges set forth herein within two (2) years from the date of expiration of his term. Any member who fails to attend a board meeting more than two (2) consecutive meetings without the consent of a majority of the Board, his office shall be declared vacant by the Governor and his successor shall be appointed as provided herein.

Section 2

Text of Section 2:

Powers and Duties of Board - Officers, Supervisors, Etc.

The said Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges shall hereafter have the supervision, management and control of the following State Colleges: Central State College at Edmond; East Central State College at Ada; Southwestern Institute of Technology at Weatherford; Southeastern State College at Durant; Northwestern State College at Alva, and the Northeastern State College at Tahlequah, and the power to make rules and regulations governing each of said institutions shall hereafter be exercised by and is hereby vested in the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges created by this Act, and said Board shall appoint or hire all necessary officers, supervisors, instructors, and employees for such institutions.

Section 3

Text of Section 3:

Successor to Existing Governing Boards - Records, Papers, Etc.

The Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges shall succeed the present governing board in the management and control of any of the institutions named in the preceding section, and such governing board shall not hereafter have the management or control of any of said institutions. All records, books, papers and information pertaining to the institutions herein designated shall be transferred to the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges.

Section 4

Text of Section 4:

Salaries and Expenses - Allocation of Funds for Payment

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are hereby authorized to allocate from the funds allocated for the support of its educational institutions named in this Act, funds sufficient for the payment of the per diem and expenses of the members of the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges, the salaries and expenses of the clerical help of said Board; office expense, and other expenses necessary for the proper performance of the duties of said Board.

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