Article XIV, New Mexico Constitution

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New Mexico Constitution
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Article XIV of the New Mexico Constitution is entitled Public Institutions and consists of three sections.

Section 1

Text of Section 1:

State Institutions

The penitentiary at Santa Fe, the miners' hospital at Raton, the New Mexico state hospital at Las Vegas, the New Mexico boys' school at Springer, the girls' welfare home at Albuquerque, the Carrie Tingley crippled children's hospital at Truth or Consequences and the Los Lunas mental hospital at Los Lunas are hereby confirmed as state institutions.

(As amended September 20, 1955 and November 8, 1960.)

Section 2

Text of Section 2:

Federal Land Grants and Donations

All lands which have been or which may be granted to the state by congress for the purpose of said several institutions are hereby accepted for said several institutions with all other grants, donations or devices for the benefit of the same and shall be exclusively used for the purpose for which they were or may be granted, donated or devised.

Section 3

Text of Section 3:

Control and Management

Each of said institutions shall be under such control and management as may be provided by law.

(As amended September 20, 1955.)

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