Article XVIII, Nevada Constitution

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Nevada Constitution
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Article XVIII of the Nevada Constitution is entitled Right to Suffrage and was repealed in 1992.

Article XVIII

Text of Article XVIII:

Right to Suffrage

Rights of suffrage and officeholding. [Repealed in 1992.]


[Added in 1880. Art. XVIII was proposed and passed by the 1877 legislature; agreed to and passed by the 1879 legislature; and approved and ratified by the people at the 1880 general election. See: Statutes of Nevada 1877, p. 213; Statutes of Nevada 1879, p. 149. Article XVIII was repealed by vote of the people at the 1992 general election. See Statutes of Nevada 1989, p. 2295; Statutes of Nevada 1991, p. 2498. The original section read: “The rights of suffrage and officeholding shall not be withheld from any male citizen of the United States by reason of his color or previous condition of servitude.”]

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