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Attorney General of Alaska

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The Attorney General is the principal executive officer of the department, and is appointed by the governor of Alaska. The attorney general serves as the legal advisor for the governor and other state officers, prosecutes all violations of state criminal law, and enforces the consumer protection and unfair trade practices laws. The duties and powers of the attorney general are found in AS 44.23.020.

The current Attorney General of Alaska is Daniel S. Sullivan.

Ballot Text and Legality

Any member of the public may propose an initiative in Alaska. The specific steps that must be followed are outlined in detail here: Alaska Initiative Law. Once an initiative has been proposed, the Department of Law receives a copy to review.

There are legal restrictions that deny ballot drives the power to change the constitution or to appropriate funds that the Department of Law will be checking for during its review. It also checks for the legality of the ballot and when this review is completed the department will submitt its review to the Lieutenant Governor.

If the ballot is approved:

The Attorney General also writes an explanatory statement for all ballot measures that is published in the Voter Information Pamphlet. The statement is required to be an impartial explanation of the purpose of the ballot measures.

Campaign finance

Main article: Campaign finance requirements for Alaska ballot measures

The Alaska Attorney General is responsible for all campaign finance discipline if the matter falls outside of the jurisdiction of the Alaska Public Offices Commission or involves a constitutional challenge to Alaska law[1]. The first step in filing a complaint is to file with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. A person has up to 5 years to file a compliant after the date of the alleged offense[2]. The Alaska POC has up to 90 days to take action on any complaint unless the person responds to the complaint wants expidted action[3] [4].

All civil law violations are prosecuted by the Alaska POC[5].

OCS Litigation

On September 9, 2010, Attorney General Dan Sullivan filed suit in U.S District Court on behalf of the State of Alaska to protest a U.S Department of the Interior moratorium on OCS drilling and exploration Sullivan claimed was "illegal, arbitrary and capricious."[6]

Contact information

Alaska Department of Law
Post Office Box 110300
Juneau, AK 99811-0300

Phone: 907-465-2133
Fax: 907-465-2075

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