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The Washington Attorney General is the Chief Attorney of the State of Washington. The Attorney General is in Charge of approving the language of ballot initiative, and presenting the ballot title and summery.


There are 26 different divisions of the Attorney General, They include:

Agriculture & Health


Bankruptcy & Collections

Complex Litigation

Consumer Protection

Criminal Justice



Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Government Compliance & Enforcement

Government Operations

Labor & Industries

Labor & Personnel

Licensing & Administrative Law

Natural Resources

Public Counsel

Regional Services


Social & Health Services (Olympia)

Social & Health Services (Seattle)

Solicitor General


Transportation & Public Construction

University of Washington

Utilities & Transportation

Washington State University

Open Government

The Attorney General of Washington is committed to government accountability and provides much information on how to obtain open records information on their Website. [1]

Ballot Measures

As stated the Attorney General formulates the Title and Summery of the ballot measure and have five working days after receiving the measure from the Secretary of state to complete this task.

There are three things that the Ballot title involves A statement of the initiative that is no more than 10 words long, a concise description of the measure consisting of no more than 30 words, and an objective summery consisting of no more than 75 words.

The petitioner may contest the language of the ballot in court if dissatisfied. [2]

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