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The Attorney General of Wyoming is an elected position in the Wyoming state government. As the chief legal officer for the state, the attorney general provides legal opinions to state officials and represents the state in both civil and criminal matters.

Current officeholder

The current officeholder is Gregory Phillips.


Unlike many states, Wyoming's constitution does not provide for the office of attorney general. In Article 4 of however, it does grant the state legislature the power to create offices it deems necessary.

Article 4, Section 11:

... The legislature may provide for such other state officers as are deemed necessary.

The office of attorney general in Wyoming was created by legislative statue.


Title 9, Chapter 1, Article 6 of the Wyoming Code establishes the qualifications of the office:

Prior to his appointment, the attorney general shall have been a practicing attorney for at least four (4) years. At the date of appointment, he shall be in good standing in the courts of record of this state and shall be a resident and elector of the state.
  • practicing attorney for at least 4 years
  • in good standing in Wyoming's courts
  • a resident of Wyoming
  • a registered voter in Wyoming[1]


According to Title 9, Chapter 1, Article 6 of the Wyoming Code, the Wyoming attorney general is appointed by the governor with the consent of the state senate.[1]


In the event of a vacancy in the office, the governor shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy.[1]


The attorney general serves as the chief legal officer of Wyoming. Their office represents state agencies in courts of law and provides legal opinions to state officials. The office does not provide legal advice to individual citizens, organizations, or private businesses.[2]

Title 9, Chapter 1, Section 6 of the Wyoming Code outlines the specific duties of the office:

  1. Prosecute and defend all suits instituted by or against the state of Wyoming, the prosecution and defense of which is not otherwise provided for by law;
  2. Represent the state in criminal cases in the supreme court;
  3. Defend suits brought against state officers in their official relations, except suits brought against them by the state;
  4. Represent the state in suits, actions or claims in which the state is interested in either the Wyoming supreme court or any United States court;
  5. Be the legal adviser of all elective and appointive state officers and of the county and district attorneys of the state;
  6. When requested, give written opinions upon questions submitted to him by elective and appointive state officers and by either branch of the legislature, when in session;
  7. Effective July 1, 2000, serve as the designated agency to administer the Wyoming governor's council on developmental disabilities. A memorandum of understanding shall be executed by and between the designated agency and the governor's council, which shall incorporate the provisions of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. 6024;
  8. Approve or disapprove any contract submitted to him for review within thirty (30) days of submission.[1]


The office of the attorney general is divided into the following offices:

  • Administration Division
  • Human Services Division
  • Civil Division
  • Consumer Protection Unit
  • Tobacco Settlement Unit
  • Criminal Division
  • Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
  • Tort Litigation Division
  • Water & Natural Resources Division
  • Medical Review Panel
  • Division of Criminal Investigation
    • Wyoming Sex Offender Registry
  • Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Law Enforcement Academy
  • Peace Officer Standards & Training
  • Victim Services Division


In 2010, the Wyoming Attorney General was paid an estimated $137,150 according to the Council of State Governments.[3]

Contact information

Attorney General's Office
123 Capitol Building
200 W. 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Phone: (307) 777-7841
Fax: (307) 777-6869 FAX

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