Avondale City Propositions 300, 400-404 (November 2009)

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There were six Avondale City Propositions 300, 400-404 on the November 3 ballot in Maricopa County for voters in the city of Avondale.

Proposition 300 was seeking to increase the expenditure limitation of the city. This proposition passed with 75.66% in favor.

Proposition 400 sought to increase the city tax rate. This proposition passed with 57.65% of the votes.

Proposition 401 sought to create an election bond for the city. This proposition failed 53.6% of the votes against.

Proposition 402 sought to change the date of city elections. This proposition passed with 66.27% of votes in favor.

Proposition 403 sought to change regulations on the posting of official documents. This proposition passed 72.18% of votes in favor.

Proposition 404 sought to change the regulating of the use of public land. This proposition passed with 55.88% of votes in favor.[1]