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Welcome to the Lucy Burns Institute wiki test. We use this test to weigh a number of criteria:

  • general wiki aptitude
  • creativity
  • ability to identify the key points that should be shared in a wiki article about a topic based on reading one or more newspaper articles about that topic
  • good judgment about what should/should not be included on a wiki page
  • writing style: can you clarify complex topics? Do you write in a clear, straightforward prose style?
  • ability to group different types of information into different sections or paragraphs
  • sense of audience

The test is divided into five areas: wiki research, general research, complex wiki editing, writing, and copy-editing. Note your start and finish times in the section below.


Before beginning the test you must log in to Ballotpedia. If you do not already have an account, please follow the registration instructions here and create a username for yourself using this naming convention: FirstnameLastinitial. For example: SaraK.


Note your start and finish times here.

Start time:

End time:

Wiki research

Answer the questions below. Provide citations to your answers in proper wiki format. Please use pages on the wiki to find your answers.

  • Who is running for office in the United States Senate special election in Hawaii in 2014?
  • How many ballot measures pertaining to animal rights were on the ballot in 1998? Which (if any) were approved?
  • How many state legislative chambers (or "houses") are there in the United States?

Internet research

Answer the question below. Provide citations to your answers in proper wiki format.

  • Who is on the County Council for Pickens, SC? When were they elected? Provide answer in bullet points.


Answer the question below. Provide citations to your answer in proper wiki format.

  • Who sponsored HB 477 in the Utah 2011 session? What did the bill do? What is it's current status?

Complex edit

For this portion of the test you must add an election history component to a state executive office page. This requires important wiki skills including research, proper citations, and working with templates. Guidelines for adding this component to a page can be found here. Go to the page below and add the election history component to it in the appropriate section, then cross out the following link:


Edit the paragraphs below to correct any errors.

The Lucy Burns Institute is the nations only organization working to provide comprehensive coverage of the over five hundred thousand elected officials in the United States, as well as the laws that govern every kind of election.

We dont just write comprehensievly about the hundred U.S. senators and the 435 members of the U.S. House.

We also comprehensively cover all 7,334 State Legislators and anyone of any party, who challenges’ them in ether a primary election or a general election, as well as every state executive official from the governor to the lieutenant governor to the state treasurer all the way down to statewide elected Railroad Commissioner…and all they’re primary and general election challengers.

Are work has only just begun Their are over 500k elected officials serving at all levels of government in our country, and many more who have been appointed to their posts without a say from voter’s. To realize our vision, we need to cover many more of the darkest corners of American political life.

The people holding office on our behalf aren’t used to the kind of scrutiny there about to recieve from us, and Im sure they won’t like it.

Needless to say, the fight’s ahead won’t be pretty; but there a vital and salutary part of cleaning up our political system.