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This page details the progress of bills mentioned in the Ballot Law Update during 2012. Whether pending, failed, or approved, each bill is organized by its first appearance in the update.

Pending legislation

Ballot Law Update 4/25/11 (Carried over from 2011)

  • New York Senate Concurrent Resolution 00709: Update: Carried over to next session. Passed in Senate (6/7/11). Died in House and returned to Senate committee (1/4/2012). Advanced to third Senate reading (3/6/2012)[1] S00709 is a proposed constitutional amendment that would establish initiative and referendum in New York. The amendment would require petitioners to gather signatures equaling 5% of the vote in the last gubernatorial election. Petitioners would also have to collect a minimum of 5,000 signatures from 3/5 of New York's congressional districts. The bill will ultimately require voter approval in two consecutive elections in order to amend the state constitution.[2] Citizens in Charge Foundation rating: Protects/expands initiative rights.

Ballot Law Update 5/9/11 (Carried over from 2011)

  • Massachusetts House Bill 529: Update: Passed House and Senate committees and called for consideration in joint session; Joint session held and recessed to July 13, 2012.[3] H00529 proposes a constitutional amendment restricting the subject matter of future initiated constitutional amendments. The text of the measure is as follows: "No initiative petition shall propose a constitutional amendment that would restrict the rights set forth in this constitution to freedom and equality, or the right of each individual to be protected by society in the enjoyment of life, liberty and property, according to standing laws."[4] The bill has been passed out of committee and called for consideration during the joint session.[5] Citizens in Charge Foundation rating: Reduces initiative rights.

Ballot Law Update 2/29/12

All bills features on February 29, 2012 have either passed or failed.

Ballot Law Update 3/28/12

All bills features on March 28, 2012 have either passed or failed.

Ballot Law Update 4/25/12

All bills features on April 25, 2012 have either passed or failed.

Failed Legislation

Ballot Law Update 2/29/12

  • Arizona Senate Concurrent Resolution 1031: Update: Died in appropriations (3/19/12) SCR 1031 would impose sunsets on state ballot measures that make appropriations. Each measure would be automatically resubmitted to voters after five complete fiscal years.
  • Wisconsin Senate Bill 367: Update: Failed to pass, last general-business floor period ended 3/15/12. SB 367 would ban pay-per-signature for recall petition circulators. It would also empower the Wisconsin Attorney General to investigate duplicate signatures and prosecute individuals for fraudulent duplicates. Wisconsin has recall, but not initiative and referendum.

Ballot Law Update 3/28/12

  • Maryland House Bill 43: Update: Unfavorable report in appropriations (2/13/2012). SB 43 would expand the scope of the Maryland referendum process to laws making specified appropriations. On February 13, the bill was given an unfavorable report by the House appropriations committee.

Ballot Law Update 4/25/12

Approved Legislation

Ballot Law Update 3/28/12

  • South Dakota House Bill 1186: Update: Signed by Governor (3/19/2012). HB 1186 would prohibit registered sex offenders from circulating petitions under most circumstances. The bill was signed by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard on March 19.

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