Ballot Quiz, August 22 (2011)

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This week, the quiz highlights developments relating to support and opposition for 2011 ballot measures. There is also a questions regarding a highly publicized 2012 ballot measure, and a question about 2010 campaign finances in Massachusetts! Keep sharp! Next week will feature constitutional amendments on the ballot in 2011 and 2012.

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The Colorado tax increase measure for 2011 received an endorsement this past week from what previously silent organization?

Colorado Association of School Executives
This group stated support for this measure earlier than the correct answer.
Colorado Association of School Boards
Same as above.
The Colorado Education Association
This is the correct answer. Read more about The Colorado Education Association.
Colorado Progressive Coalition
This is group is against the measure.


The political spotlight in Ohio has centered on Senate Bill 5 and the proposed referendum to repeal the law. If you were an opponent of Senate Bill 5, based off of the proposed veto referendum's ballot language , how would you vote on the issue come November? (Read carefully)

Yes(To repeal the law)
Incorrect! Read below.
No(To reject the law)
Correct! The measure's ballot language has been the subject of controversy.


An initiative to the people in Washington would close state liquor stores and allow state licensing of private parties. Out of the four mentioned below, who is against this measure?

Costco Wholesale Corp.
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 21
This is correct! Read about opponents here.
Northwest Grocery Association
Nope! Read more about supporters here.
Washington Restaurant Association


2012 BALLOT MEASURE PREVIEW QUESTION: In 2012, a Nevada measure will be on the ballot concerning a proposed sports arena in Las Vegas. This measure is supported by which organization?

Caesars Entertainment Corp.
This is the correct answer.
Hotels by Hilton
Farmers Insurance Exchange
MGM Resorts International
This is opposing organization.


HISTORICAL BALLOT MEASURE QUESTION: In 2010, what was the total number of contributions donated by supporters of Massachusetts statewide ballot measures?

About $3,200,000
Correct! Check out more information on 2010 supporter and opponent campaign finance information here. Keep a look out for similar 2011 analysis later this year!
About $5,800,000
No, but this was the total donated by opponents.
About $9,100,000
Incorrect. This was the grand total of both supporters and opponents in Massachusetts.
About $20,600,000
This was total supporters donated in Missouri.


Gold medal winning track and field star was removed from the New Jersey Senate ballot recently.

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