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Ballot Quiz, June 13 (2011)

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1. BALLOT MEASURE NEWS: Signatures were submitted by the petition drive deadline for two of the three 2012 proposed veto referenda in Idaho.

Sorry, this is NOT true!
Correct! Signatures were submitted for all three.

2. STATE EXECUTIVES AND BALLOT MEASURES: Which Midwestern state is considering merging the Treasurer and Comptroller offices?

Correct! See the this amendment for more information.
Incorrect! Check out this page, just for fun
Michigan doesn't even have the position of comptroller.
Wisconsin, Illinois' neighbor, doesn't have the comptroller position either.

3. HISTORICAL MEASURES: In 2010, about how many lawsuits were filed against measures certified for the ballot?

Way too little to be the correct answer!
You can find more information here.
This is more than twice the correct answer.

4. WEEKLY MAP QUESTION: This state had two questions on the ballot in 2010. This is not an initiative and referendum state. This state's 2011 legislative session began on January 10 and ended in late May, with 40 Senators and 125 Representatives at work. The Lieutenant Governor is Jeff Colyer. What state is this?
Kansas map.png

Wyoming had no measures certified for the 2010 ballot
South Dakota
South Dakota is an initiative and referendum state.
Correct! Do you know the latest news out of Kansas?
The Nebraska Lieutenant Governor is Rick Sheehy

5. STATE LAWS: Which state does not allow legislatively-referred constitutional amendments to be sent to the ballot?

Sorry! But Maine does not allow citizen-initiated amendments.
Hawaii ONLY allows public votes on amendments from Legislature, nothing else.
Same as Hawaii.
This is correct! Delaware only allows public say on statutes from the Legislature

6. BONUS! is the sister site of

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