Ballot Quiz, September 24 (2012)

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1. An Arkansas casino measure was found to have enough signatures for the ballot. However, what is keeping it off the ballot?

A lawsuit
Not off to a good start! But keep going!
Ballot wording issues
See below!
Secretary of state's decision
All of the above.
The secretary of state rejected the wording of the ballot measure, therefore a lawsuit was filed. A ruling is expected soon.

2. Alabama Amendment 1 was approved on September 18.

This is correct!
See above.

3. Who is the Governor of Kansas?

Jerry Brown
No worries, you still have some questions to go!
Jan Brewer
Sam Brownback
Yes! This is Correct!
Rick Perry

4. When was the last time a state senator was subject to a recall election?

Andy Dillon, Michigan, 2008
This recall vote took place months after the correct answer, but it involved a state representative, NOT a state senator.
Jeff Denham, California, 2008.
Correct! The recall effort was defeated.
Gary George, Wisconsin, 2003
George ended up being recalled from office.
None of the above
Try again! Here is Ballotpedia's state legislative recall page

5. Only one state constitution specifically says what to do should a delegate to a constitutional convention die while the convention is still ongoing. What state is that?

Rhode Island
Sorry! Read more about Rhode Island's con-con process.
New York
Yes! Read more.
Incorrect! Alaska's voters get to decide on whether or not to hold a convention every 10 years.
Maryland is every 20 years.


The ballot measure total has increased even more this week. The total number of ballot measures on the 2012 ballot amount to measures in states.

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