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*[ ''The Concord Monitor'', "Editorial: Law adds to the burden on third parties," July 28, 2014]
*[ ''Ballot Access News'', "Libertarian Party Files Lawsuit Against New Hampshire Law Barring Petitioning in Odd Years," July 22, 2014]
*[ ''Ballot Access News'', "Libertarian Party Files Lawsuit Against New Hampshire Law Barring Petitioning in Odd Years," July 22, 2014]
*[ ''Ballot Access News'', "New Hampshire House Passes Bill Easing Definition of “Political Party”," March 13, 2014]
*[ ''Ballot Access News'', "New Hampshire House Passes Bill Easing Definition of “Political Party”," March 13, 2014]

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This page contains extensive information about ballot access requirements for state and federal candidates running for elected office in the state of New Hampshire. Offices included are:

This page contains information on specific filing dates for each election year, how to become a candidate, how to create a political party, campaign finance requirements, state agency contacts involved in the election process, and term limits in New Hampshire. Information on running for election as a presidential candidate or for county and municipal offices is not included.

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Year-specific dates


See also: New Hampshire elections, 2014

New Hampshire will have a primary election on September 9, 2014 and a general election on November 4, 2014. Voters will elect candidates to serve in the following state and federal offices:

The filing deadline for candidates running for election in New Hampshire was June 13, 2014.[1]

Legend:      Ballot Access     Campaign Finance     Election Date

Dates and requirements for candidates in 2014
Deadline Event type Event description
June 4, 2014 Ballot access Filing period opens for all candidates
June 13, 2014 Ballot access Filing deadline for recognized party candidates; deadline for nonparty candidates to file Declarations of Intent
August 6, 2014 Ballot access Last day for nonparty candidates to submit nomination papers to local officials for certification
August 20, 2014 Campaign finance Campaign finance report due**
August 27, 2014 Ballot access Last day for local elections officials to certify nomination papers
September 3, 2014 Ballot access Final filing deadline for nomination papers with the Secretary of State
September 3, 2014 Campaign finance Campaign finance report due**
September 8, 2014 Ballot access Deadline to file objections to nomination papers
September 9, 2014 Election date State primary date
September 17, 2014 Campaign finance Campaign finance report due**
October 15, 2014 Campaign finance Campaign finance report due**
October 29, 2014 Campaign finance Campaign finance report due**
November 4, 2014 Election date General election
November 12, 2014 Campaign finance Campaign finance report due**
** For more information, see "Campaign finance" below.

Political parties

See also: List of political parties in the United States

As of September 2013, there are two recognized political parties in New Hampshire.[1]

Party Website link By-laws/platform link
Democratic Official party website Party platform
Republican Official party website Party platform

In some states, a candidate may choose to have a label other than that of an officially recognized party appear alongside his or her name on the ballot. Such labels are called political party designations. A political party designation would be used when a candidate qualifies as an independent, but prefers to use a different label. New Hampshire does allow candidates to identify in this way. A total of 25 states allow candidates to use political party designations in non-presidential elections.{{{Reference}}}

The 11 states listed below (and Washington, D.C.) do not provide a process for political organizations to gain qualified status in advance of an election. Instead, in these states, an aspirant party must first field candidates using party designations. If the candidate or candidates win the requisite votes, the organization may then be recognized as an official political party. In these states, a political party can be formed only if the candidate in the general election obtains a specific number of votes. The number of votes required and type of race vary from state to state. Details can be found on the state-specific requirements pages.[2]

Process to establish a political party

Figure 1: This is a political organization declaration of intent form for the state of New Hampshire.

DocumentIcon.jpg See statutes: New Hampshire Revised Statutes, Title LXIII, Section 652:11; New Hampshire Revised Statutes, Title LXIII, Section 655:40-a

Recognition requirements

In New Hampshire, a recognized political party is defined as any political organization that, at the last state general election, yielded at least four percent of the total number of votes cast for either governor or United States Senator. In 2012, for example, a total of 693,877 were cast for governor, meaning that a political organization would have to win at least 27,756 votes in order to be recognized by the state as a political party.[3][4]

Any political organization may petition to have its name printed on the general election ballot. Petition papers must include the name of the political organization and must be signed by individuals who are registered to vote at the general election. No one can sign more than one nomination paper that grants a political organization access to the state's general election ballot. The organization must collect valid signatures equal to at least three percent of the total votes cast at the previous state general election. In 2014, for example, a political organization needed to submit 27,179 valid signatures in order to qualify for placement on the general election ballot.[5][6][7]

The chairman of the political organization must file a declaration of intent within the filing period (i.e., between the first Wednesday in June and the Friday of the following week). Petition papers must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday one week before the primary election.[8][9]

Selecting candidates

Recognized political parties are required to nominate their candidates by primary elections. The chairman of a political organization must, at the time a declaration of intent is filed, submit a list of the offices for which the organization intends to field candidates and the names of the candidates for those offices. Each candidate must also file a declaration of candidacy. In the event that the organization does not qualify to have its name printed on the general election ballot, any accompanying declarations of candidacy will be deemed void.[10][11]

Procedural requirements

No earlier than the third Tuesday of September following a primary election and no later than the last Tuesday of October, the following party officials, nominees and incumbents (if applicable) must hold a state convention for the purpose of adopting a party platform, nominating presidential electors, and establishing a party organization for the succeeding two-year period:

  • Chairman of the party's state committee
  • The party's nominees for governor, the United States Senate, the United States House of Representatives, the state legislature, executive councilors, county officers, and state delegates
  • If applicable, the party's incumbent United States Senators and incumbent county commissioners serving four-year terms, whose term or terms will not expire during the January following the general election[12]

The chairman and clerk of the convention must submit a certified list of the presidential electors nominated by the convention to the secretary of state.[12]

Notwithstanding the provisions noted above, a party may provide for an alternative method for determining the date, call or purpose of the state convention and the selection of delegates and the composition thereof, in accordance with the party's constitution or bylaws.[12]

Maintaining party status

In order for a political party to maintain recognized status, it must have yielded at least four percent of the total vote cast for either governor or United States Senator at the last state general election. The table below provides examples of required vote totals based upon 2012 and 2010 election returns.[3][4][13]

Examples of votes needed to maintain party status
Office Year Total votes cast Votes required to maintain party recognition
Governor 2012 693,877 27,756
United States Senator 2010 455,149 18,205


On April 17, 2014, the New Hampshire State Senate defeated HB 1322, a bill that would have lowered the number of votes required for a political party to retain qualified status from four percent of the total vote cast for Governor or Senator to three percent of the total vote cast for those offices. On the same day, the state legislature passed HB 1542. Introduced at the request of Secretary of State William Gardner, the bill stipulates that nomination papers for the establishment of a political organization must be signed and dated in the year of the election for which the organization seeks ballot access. According to Ballot Access News, similar provisions have been deemed unconstitutional by federal courts in Rhode Island and Arkansas.[14][15]

Process to become a candidate

Figure 2: This is a primary petition form for the state of New Hampshire.

DocumentIcon.jpg See statutes: New Hampshire Revised Statutes, Chapter 655: Nominations

For party candidates

A recognized political party candidate seeking placement on the primary election ballot must file a Declaration of Candidacy. On this declaration, the candidate must affirm that he or she is both a registered voter and a registered member of the party whose nomination he or she is pursuing.[16]

In addition to filing the Declaration of Candidacy, the candidate must do one of the following:[7]

1.) Pay an administrative assessment fee. Fees are established by statute and vary according to the office sought.[7][17]

Administrative assessment fees
Office Fee
Governor, United States Senator $100
United States Representative $50
Executive Councilor $25
State Senator $10
State Representative $2

2.) File primary petitions. The number of required petition papers (each of which contains one signature) is established by statute and varies according to the office sought.[7][17]

Primary petitions
Office Number of petitions
Governor, United States Senator 200
United States Representative 100
Executive Councilor 50
State Senator 20
State Representative 5

A written "assent to candidacy" must accompany the submitted primary petitions.[7][18]

A candidate for state-level office must also file a Financial Disclosure Form.[19]

Filing paperwork for most offices is submitted to the New Hampshire Secretary of State. Filing paperwork for state house candidates is submitted to the town or city clerk of the municipality where the candidate resides. Filings must be made between the first Wednesday in June and the Friday of the following week.[7][20]

For nonparty candidates

A candidate seeking placement on the general election ballot must file a Declaration of Intent. The Declaration of Intent must be filed between the first Wednesday in June and the Friday of the following week.[21][22]

In addition to filing this declaration, the candidate must do one of the following:[7]

1.) Pay an administrative assessment fee. Fees are established by statute and vary according to the office sought.[7]

Administrative assessment fees
Office Fee
Governor, United States Senator $100
United States Representative $50
Executive Councilor $25
State Senator $10
State Representative $2

2.) File nomination papers. Nomination papers must include the name and residence of the candidate, the office being sought, and the political organization or principles the candidate represents. The number of required nomination papers (each of which contains one signature) is established by statute and varies according to the office sought.[7][6]

Nomination papers
Office Number of papers
Governor, United States Senator 3,000**
United States Representative 1,500
Executive Councilor 750
State Senator 750
State Representative 150
** Of the 3,000 required signatures/papers, 1,500 must be collected from each of the state's two congressional districts.

A candidate for state-level office must also file a Financial Disclosure Form.[19]

Prior to final filing, nomination papers must be submitted for certification to the Supervisors of the Checklist in each town or city where signatures were collected. Nomination papers must be submitted for certification by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday five weeks before the primary. Nomination papers are ultimately due to the New Hampshire Secretary of State by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday before the primary.[7]

For write-in candidates

A write-in candidate does not need to file any special forms in order to have his or her votes tallied. In the event that a write-in candidate wins the nomination of a party at a primary election, he or she is required to file a Declaration of Candidacy with the New Hampshire Secretary of State no later than the first Monday following the primary election. Also, a write-in candidate must have received at least 35 votes in order to be considered the winner of a primary election.[23]

Petition requirements

In some cases, political parties and/or candidates may need to obtain signatures via the petition process to gain access to the ballot. This section outlines the laws and regulations pertaining to petitions and circulators in New Hampshire.

Format requirements

The Secretary of State is required by statute to prepare and provide all necessary filing forms, including primary petitions and nomination papers.[24]

Signature requirements

Individuals who sign primary petitions must be:[25]

  • Qualified to vote for a candidate for the office specified
  • Registered members of the party whose nomination the candidate seeks

Individuals who sign nomination papers must be registered voters. Nomination papers must be dated in the year of the election.[26] Likewise, petitions for the establishment of a political organization must be signed and dated in the year of the election for which the organization is seeking ballot access.[15]

Individuals who sign papers for the nomination of a political organization must be registered voters. No one may sign more than one such petition.[27]

The relevant statutes do not specify particular requirements that petition circulators must meet (such as residency or pay status).


Objections may be made to nomination papers by the Monday following the deadline to file papers. Objections must be made in writing. The relevant statutes do not specify an objections procedure for primary petitions.[28]

Campaign finance

DocumentIcon.jpg See statutes: New Hampshire Revised Statutes, Chapter 664: Political Expenditures and Contributions

Organizational requirements

Any individual who has publicly declared himself or herself a candidate and who seeks votes in an election is legally considered a candidate. At the time a candidate files for office, he or she must designate a person to act as his or her fiscal agent for the primary and/or general election campaign. A candidate may serve as his or her own fiscal agent. The fiscal agent, along with the candidate, must file all required financial disclosure statements.[29]

Any committee organized to support a candidate in any election must be authorized in writing by the candidate or his or her fiscal agent before accepting contributions or making expenditures. The committee must register with New Hampshire Secretary of State no later than 24 hours after first receiving any contribution in excess of $500 or before making any expenditure greater than $500. The committee must register no later than 14 days after the formation of the committee. The committee must designate a treasurer, who must be a legal resident of the state. A committee's registration is valid from the date of registration until 10 days after the primary or general election, whichever is appropriate (the committee may be terminated sooner than this, but such terminations must be made in writing by the chairman or treasurer of the committee).[30]

Reporting requirements

Candidates and candidate committees whose receipts or expenditures exceed $500 are required to file a number of regular disclosure statements with the New Hampshire Secretary of State. Generally, each statement requires the following types of information:[31][32]

  • Receipts
    • This includes an itemized listing of each receipt exceeding $25, including the full name and home address of the contributor, the amount of the contribution, date of receipt, and the aggregate total for each election for each contributor of over $100.
    • This includes an unitemized listing of all receipts of $25 or less.
      • For any contributor whose aggregate contributions for each election exceed $100, the contributor's occupation, official job title, employer, and principal place of business must be included.
  • Expenditures
    • This includes itemized listing of each expenditure, including the name and city or town of the payee, the date paid, and the election for which the expenditure was made, including the specific nature and amount of each expenditure.

Reports may be filed electronically through the New Hampshire Campaign Finance System.[33]

The statutory reporting schedule for candidates and candidate committees is detailed in the table below (these reports are due for both the primary and general election cycle).[32]

Campaign finance reporting schedule
Due date Reporting period
Wednesday 12 weeks prior to the election Committee registration or candidate filing through Monday before the statement is due
Wednesday 3 weeks prior to the election Cutoff date for the prior statement through Monday before the statement is due
Wednesday immediately prior to the election Cutoff date for the prior statement through Monday before the statement is due

If a candidate or committee has any outstanding debt, obligation, or surplus following an election, it must continue to file reports every six months until the obligation is satisfied or the surplus is eliminated.

Contribution limits

For each election cycle, an individual cannot contribute more than $5,000 to a candidate or committee. This limit is lowered to $1,000 for a candidate or committee that does not voluntarily agree to limit campaign expenditures.[34]

Election-related agencies

See also: State election agencies

Candidates running for office may require some form of interaction with the following agencies:

  • Secretary of State
Why: To submit candidate filing paperwork for statewide offices; for questions about the filing process
State House, Room 204
107 North Main Street
Concord, N.H. 03301
Telephone: 603-271-3242
Fax: 603-271-6316

Municipal offices

See also: Cities in New Hampshire

A candidate must file a number of documents with the city or town elections office where he or she resides. Individual city and town elections office contact information can be found below. If a particular piece of information is not provided, it is because it could not be found for this municipality. To provide a link or information for the table below, please email us.

New Hampshire municipal office contact information
County Email Phone Fax Website Physical address Mailing address
Town of Acworth 603-835-6879 link 13 Townhall Road, Acworth, NH 03601
Town of Albany 603-447-2877 603-447-2877 link 1972 New Hampshire 16, Albany, NH 03818
Town of Alexandria 603-744-3288 603-744-8577 link 47A Washburn Road, Alexandria, NH 03222
Town of Allenstown 603-485-4276 (603) 485-8669 link Town of Allenstown, 16 School Street, Allenstown, NH 03275
Town of Alstead 603-835-2242 link 15 Mechanic Street, Alstead, NH 03602 PO Box 60, Alstead, NH 03602
Town of Alton 603-875-2101 (603) 875-2171 link 1 Monument Sq Alton, NH 03809 PO Box 637, Alton, NH 03809
Town of Amherst 603-673-6041 (603) 673-4138 link 2 Main St Amherst, NH 03031
Town of Andover 603-735-5332 603-735-6975 link Tax Collector and Town Clerk, 31 School Street, Andover, NH 03216 PO Box 61, Andover, NH 03216-0061
Town of Antrim 603-673-6041 (603) 588-2969 link 66 Main Street Antrim, NH 03440 PO Box 517, Antrim, NH 03440
Town of Ashland 603-968-4432 603.968.3776 link 20 Highland Street, Ashland NH 03217 PO Box 517, Ashland NH 03217
Town of Atkinson 603-362-4920 603.362.5305 link Town Clerk, Town Of Atkinson NH, 21 Academy Avenue, Atkinson, NH 03811
Town of Auburn 603-483-2281 x1 (603) 483-0518 link 47 Chester Road, Auburn NH 03032 PO Box 309, Auburn NH 03032
Town of Barnstead 603-269-4631 603-269-4072 link 108 South Barnstead Road, Center Barnstead, NH 03225 PO Box 11, Center Barnstead, NH 03225
Town of Barrington 603-664-5476 link 333 Calef Highway (Rte. 125), Barrington, NH 03825 PO Box 660, Barrington, NH 03825
Town of Bartlett 603-356-2300 603-356-2300 link RR 1, Box 50, Town Hall Rd., Intervale, NH 03845
Town of Bath 603-747-2454 (603) 747-0497 link PO Box 165, Bath, NH 03740
Town of Bedford (603) 472-3550 (603) 472-4573 link Town Clerk, 24 North Amherst Road, Bedford ,NH 03110
Town of Belmont (603) 267-8302 (603) 267-8305 link PO Box 310, Belmont, NH 03220
Town of Bennington (603) 588-2189 (603) 588-8005 link 7 School Street Unit 101, Bennington, NH 03442
Town of Benton (603) 787-6541 (603) 787-6541 link 30 Ingersoll Road, Benton, NH 03785
City of Berlin (603) 752-2340 (603) 752-5238 link 168 Main Street, Berlin, NH 03570
Town of Bethlehem (603) 869-2293 (603) 869-2280 link 2155 Main Street, Bethlehem, NH 03574 PO Box 189, Bethlehem, NH 03574
Town of Boscawen 753-9188 Ext 311 (603) 796-2316 link 17 High Street, Boscawen, NH 03303
Town of Bow (603) 225-2683 (603) 224-5428 link 10 Grandview Road, Bow, NH 03304
Town of Bradford (603) 938-2288 (603) 938-5900 link PO Box 607, Bradford, NH 03221
Town of Brentwood (603) 642-6400 x14 (603) 642-6310 link 1 Dalton Road, Brentwood, NH 03833
Town of Bridgewater (603) 968-7911 (603) 968-3406 link PO Box 419, Bridgewater, NH 03264
Town of Bristol (603) 744-8478 (603) 744-2521 link 230 Lake Street, Bristol, NH 03222
Town of Brookfield (603) 522-3688 link 267 Wentworth Road, Brookfield, NH 03872
Town of Brookline 603-673-8855 x218 (603) 673-8136 link 1 Main Street, Brookline, NH 03033 PO Box 336, Brookline, NH 03033
Town of Campton 603-726-3223 (603) 726-9817 link 10 Gearty Way, Campton, NH 03223
Town of Canaan 603-523-7106 (603) 523-4526 link 1169 US Route 4, Canaan, NH 03741 PO Box 38, Canaan, NH 03741
Town of Candia 603-483-5573 (603) 483-0252 link 74 High Street • Candia, NH 03034
Town of Canterbury 603-783-0153 603-783-0501 link PO Box 500, Canterbury, NH 03224
Town of Carroll 603-846-5494 603-846-5713 link School Street, Carroll, NH. 03595 92 School Street, PO Box 88, Twin Mountain, NH 03595
Town of Center Harbor (603) 253-4561 (603) 253-8420 link Town of Center Harbor, Municipal Building, PO Box 140, 36 Main Street, Center Harbor, NH 03226
Town of Charlestown (603) 826-5821 (603) 826-5181 link PO Box 834, 26 Railroad Street, Charlestown, NH 03603
Town of Chatham (603) 694-2043 1681 Main Road, Chatham, NH 03813 HCR 68 Box 207, Center Conway 03812
Town of Chester (603) 887-3636 (603) 887-8811 link 84 Chester Street, Chester, NH 03036
Town of Chesterfield 363-8071 ext. 11 (603) 863-8047 link 490 Route 63, PO Box 64, West Chesterfield, NH 03466
Town of Chichester 603-798-5808 603-798-3170 link 54 Main Street, Chichester, NH 03258
City of Claremont 603-542-7003 603-542-7014 link 58 Opera House Square, Claremont, N.H. 03743-2677
Town of Clarksville (603) 246-7751 RR 1 Box 460, Pittsburg, NH 03592
Town of Colebrook 603-237-5200 (603) 237-5069 link 17 Bridge Street, Colebrook, NH 03576
Town of Columbia 603-237-5255 603-237-8270 link PO Box 157, Colebrook, NH 03576
City of Concord 603-225-8500 603-225-8592 link 41 Green St., Concord, NH 03301
Town of Conway (603) 447-3811, Dial 3 link 1634 East Main Street, Center Conway, New Hampshire 03813-0070
Town of Cornish 603-675-5207 603-675-5605 link 488 Town House Road, Cornish, NH 03745
Town of Croydon (603) 863-7830 879 NH Route 10, Croydon, NH 03773 HCR 63 Box 9, Croydon, NH 03773
Town of Dalton 603-837-2092 603-837-9642 link 756 Dalton Road, Dalton, NH 03598
Town of Danbury 603-768-5448 (603) 768-3313 link 23 High Street - Danbury, NH 03230
Town of Danville 603-382-8253 x-2 (603) 832-3363 link 210 Main Street - Danville, NH 03819
Town of Deerfield 603-463-8811 x-308 (603) 463-2820 link Town of Deerfield, 8 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH 03037-0159
Town of Deering 603-464-3224 603-464-3804 link 762 Deering Center Road, Deering, NH 03244
Town of Derry 603-432-6105 603-432-8176 link Derry Municipal Center, 14 Manning Street, Derry, NH 03038
Town of Dorchester 603-786-9476 link Town Office, 1021 NH route 118, Dorchester, NH 03266
City of Dover 603-516-6020 link 288 Central Avenue, Dover, NH 03820
Town of Dublin 603-563-8859 603-563-9221 link PO Box 62, Dublin , NH 03444
Town of Dummer 603-449-2006 (603) 449-3349 1420 East Side River Rd, Dummer, NH 03588
Town of Dunbarton 603-774-3547 X-107 603-774-5541 link Town of Dunbarton, 1011 School Street, Dunbarton, NH 03046
Town of Durham 603-868-5577 (603) 868-8033 link 15 Newmarket Road, Durham, NH 03824
Town of East Kingston 603-642-8794 (603) 642-8406 link 24 Depot Road, East Kingston, NH 03827 PO Box 249, East Kingston, NH 03827
Town of Eaton 603-447-2840 (603) 447-2560 link Evans Memorial Building, PO Box 88, 83 Brownfield Road, Eaton, NH 03832
Town of Easton 603-823-8017 link 1060 Easton Valley Road, Easton, NH
Town of Effingham 603-539-7551 link Town of Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham NH 03882
Town of Ellsworth 603-726-3551 RR 1 Box 846, Plymouth 03264
Town of Enfield 603-632-5001 Ext. 5403 (603) 632-5182 link 23 Main Street, PO Box 373, Enfield, NH 03748
Town of Epping 603-679-8288 (603) 679-3002 link Epping Town Hall, 157 Main Street, Epping, NH 03042
Town of Epsom 603-736-4825 (603) 736-8539 link Epsom Shoppes, 940 Suncook Valley Highway PO Box 10, Epsom, NH 03234-0010
Town of Errol 603-482-3351 (603) 482-3804 PO Box 100, Errol, NH 03579
Town of Exeter 603-778-0591 x403 603-418-6424 link 10 Front Street, Exeter, NH 03833
Town of Farmington 603-755-3657 x-29 (603) 755-9128 link 356 Main Street, Farmington, NH 03835
Town of Fitzwilliam 603-585-7214 (603) 585-7744 link 13 Templeton Turnpike, PO Box 725, Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Town of Francestown 603-547-6251 603-547-2622 please specify dept link 27 Main Street, PO Box 67, Francestown, NH 03043
Town of Franconia 603-823-5237 603-823-5581 link PO Box 900, Franconia, NH 03580
City of Franklin 603- 934-3109 603-934-7413 link City of Franklin, 316 Central Street, Franklin NH 03235
Town of Freedom 603-539-8269 link 33 Old Portland Road, PO Box 457, Freedom, NH 03836
Town of Fremont 603-895-8693 603 895 3149 link Town of Fremont, NH, 295 Main Street, Fremont NH 03044 PO Box 120, Fremont, NH 03044-0120
Town of Gilford 603-527-4713 (603) 527-4719 link 47 Cherry Valley Road, Gilford, NH 03249
Town of Gilmanton 603-267-6726 link 503 Province Road, PO Box 550, Gilmanton, NH 03237
Town of Gilsum 603-357-0320 link 630 Route 10, PO Box 67, Gilsum, NH 03448
Town of Goffstown 603-497-8990 x-109 (603) 497-8993 link Town of Goffstown, 16 Main Street, Goffstown, NH 03045
Town of Gorham 603-466-2744 603-466-2744 link 20 Park Street, Gorham NH 03581
Town of Goshen 603-863-5655 (603) 863-6139 link PO Box 58, Goshen, NH 03752
Town of Grafton 603-523-7270 603-523-4026 link 7 Library RD, PO Box 299, Grafton , NH , 03240
Town of Grantham 603-863-5608 (603) 863-4499 link Grantham Town Building, 300 Route 10 South, Grantham, NH 03753
Town of Greenfield 603-547-2782 link PO Box 256, 7 Sawmill Road, Greenfield, NH 03047
Town of Greenland 603-431-7111 603.430.3761 link 575 Portsmouth Avenue - Greenland, NH 03840 PO Box 100 - Greenland, NH 03840-0100
Town of Greenville 603-878-4155 603-878-4951 link 46 Main Street, PO Box 354, Greenville, NH 03048
Town of Groton 603-744-8849 (603)744-3382 link 754 North Groton Road, Groton, NH 03241
Town of Hampstead 603-329-4100 x110 603-329-7174 link PO Box 298, 11 Main Street, Hampstead, NH 03841
Town of Hampton 603-926-0406 603-929-5917 link 100 WINNACUNNET ROAD, Hampton, NH
Town of Hampton Falls 603-926-4618 link 1 Drinkwater Road, Hampton Falls, NH 03844
Town of Hancock 603-525-4441 603.525.4427 link 50 Main Street, PO Box 6, Hancock, NH 03449
Town of Hanover 603-640-3201 link Hanover Town Hall PO Box 483, Hanover, NH 03755
Town of Harrisville 603-827-5546 603-827-2917 link PO Box 284, Harrisville, NH 03450
Town of Harts Location 603-374-2436 link PO Box 540, Harts Location, NH 03812
Town of Haverhill 603-787-6200 603-787-2226 link James R. Morrill Municipal Building, 2975 Dartmouth College Hwy, North Haverhill, NH 03774
Town of Hebron 603-744-7999 (603) 744-9994 link 10 Church Lane, PO Box 55, Hebron, NH 03241
Town of Henniker 603-428-3240 (603) 428-4366 link Town Hall, 18 Depot Hill Rd Henniker, NH 03242
Town of Hill 603-934-3951 603-934-2174 link 30 Crescent St, Hill, NH
Town of Hillsborough 603-464-3877 X-224 603.464.4270 link 27 School Street, PO Box 1699, Hillsborough, NH 03244
Town of Hinsdale 603-336-5719 603-336-5711 link Office of Town Clerk, PO Box 31, 11 Main Street, Hinsdale, NH 03451
Town of Holderness 603-968-7536 603-968-9954 link Town Hall, PO Box 203, Holderness, NH 03245
Town of Hollis 603-465-2064 (603) 465-2964 link 3G Market Place, Hollis, NH Town Clerk, 7 Monument Square, Hollis, NH 03049
Town of Hooksett 603-485-9534 603-268-0049 link 35 Main Street, Hooksett ,NH 03106
Town of Hopkinton 603-746-3180 (603) 746-4011 link 846 Main Street, Contoocook, NH 03229 PO Box 446, Contoocook, NH 03229
Town of Hudson 603-886-6003 (603) 598-6481 link Main level of Town Hall at 12 School Street, Hudson, NH
Town of Jackson 603-383-6248 link PO Box 336, 54 Main Street, Jackson, NH 03846
Town of Jaffrey 603-532-7861 603-532-7862 link 10 Goodnow St, Jaffrey, NH 03452
Town of Jefferson 603-586-4553 link PO Box 81, Jefferson, NH 03583
City of Keene 603-352-0133 x-2 link 3 Washington Street, Keene NH 03431
Town of Kensington 603-772-5423x1 603.772.6841 link 243 Amesbury Road Unit#6 Kensington, NH 03833 95 Amesbury Road Kensington, NH
Town of Kingston 603-642-3112 x-2 (603) 642-3204 link 163 Main Street, PO Box 657, Kingston, NH 03848
Town of Laconia 603-527-1265 (603) 524-1766 link City Hall, 45 Beacon St. East, First Floor, Room 101A, Laconia, NH 03246
Town of Lancaster 603-788-2306 603-788-2114 link 25 Main Street, Lancaster, NH 03584
Town of Landaff 603-838-6220 603-838-5225 link Town of Landaff, 12 Center Hill Road, Landaff NH 03585
Town of Langdon 603-835-2389 603-835-6055 link Town of Landon, 122, Rte 12A, Langdon, NH 03602
City of Lebanon 603-448-3054 603-442-6148 link City Hall, 51 North Park Street, Lebanon, NH 03766
Town of Lee 603-659-2964 603-659-7202 link Lee Town Hall - rear door, downstairs, 7 Mast Road, Lee, NH 03861
Town of Lempster 603-863-3213 (603) 863-8105 link 856 US Route 10, PO Box 33, Lempster, NH
Town of Lincoln 603-745-8971 603-745-6743 link PO Box 39, Lincoln, NH 03251
Town of Lisbon 603-838-2862 (603) 838-6790 link PO Box 222, 46 School Street, Lisbon, NH 03585
Town of Litchfield 603-424-4045 link 2 Liberty Way, Suite 3, Litchfield, NH 03052
Town of Littleton 603-444-3995 x-20 603-444-0735 link 125 Main Street (second floor of the Bank of New Hampshire), Littleton, NH 03561
Town of Londonderry 603-432-1100 x-195 603-421-9617 link 268B Mammoth Road, Londonderry, NH 03053
Town of Loudon 603-798-4542 603-798-3539 link PO Box 7837, Loudon, NH 03307
Town of Lyman 603-838-6113 603-838-6818 link 65 Parker Hill Road, Lyman NH 03585
Town of Lyme 603-795-2535 603-795-2117 link One High Street, PO Box 342, Lyme, NH 03768
Town of Lyndeborough 603-654-5955 603-654-5777 link 9 Citizens' Hall Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082
Town of Madbury 603-742-5131 link 13 Town Hall Rd., Madbury NH 03823
Town of Madison 603-367-9931 603-367-4765 or 4547 link Town Clerk’s Office, PO Box 248, Madison, NH 03849-0248
City of Manchester 603-624-6455 link 1 City Hall Plaza, Manchester, NH
Town of Marlborough 603-876-4529 link PO. Box 487, 236 Main Street, Marlborough, NH
Town of Marlow 603-446-2245 603-446-3806 link Marlow Town Office, 167 NH Route 123, Marlow, NH 03456
Town of Mason 603-878-3768 603-878-4892 link Mann House, 16 Darling Hill Rd, Mason, NH 03048
Town of Meredith 603-677-4203 603-556-8815 link MEREDITH TOWN HALL, 41 MAIN ST., MEREDITH, NH 03253
Town of Merrimack 603-424-3651 (603) 423-8539 link 6 Baboosic Lake Road, Merrimack, NH 03054
Town of Middleton 603-473-5210 (603) 473-2450 link Town of Middleton, 182 Kings Highway, Middleton, NH 03887
Town of Milan 603-449-3461 link 20 Bridge Street, Milan, NH 03588
Town of Milford 603-673-3514 603-673-2273 link Town Clerk's Office, 1 Union Square, Milford, NH 03055
Town of Milton 603-652-9414 603-652-4120 link 424 White Mountain Highway, PO Box 310, Milton, NH 03851
Town of Monroe 603-638-2644 603-638-2021 link 50 Main Street, PO Box 63, Monroe, NH 03771
Town of Mont Vernon 603-672-9126 (603) 673-0914 link PO Box 417, Mont Vernon NH 03057
Town of Moultonboro 603-476-2347 603-476-2778 link 6 Holland Street, PO Box 15, Moultonborough, NH 03254
City of Nashua 603-589-3010 603-589-3029 link City Hall, 229 Main Street Nashua NH 03061
Town of Nelson 603-847-9043 link 7 Nelson Common Rd., Nelson, NH 03457
Town of New Boston 603-487-5504 x-106 (603) 487-2975 link PO Box 250, 7 Meetinghouse Hill Road, New Boston, NH 03070
Town of New Castle 603-431-6710 603 -433-6198 link 49 Main Street, PO Box 367, New Castle, NH 03854
Town of New Durham 603-859-2091 603-859-6644 link 4 Main Street, New Durham, NH 03855 PO Box 207, New Durham, NH 03855
Town of New Hampton 603-744-8454 603-744-0671 link 6 Pinnacle Hill Road, New Hampton, NH 03256
Town of New Ipswich 603-878-3567 603-878-3855 link 661 Turnpike Road, New Ipswich, NH 03071
Town of New London 603-526-4821 x-11 603-526-9494 link 375 Main Street, New London, NH 03257
Town of Newbury 603-763-5326 603-763-5298 link PO Box 253, 937 Route 103, Newbury, NH 03255
Town of Newfields 603-772-5070 603-772-9004 link 65 Main Street, Newfields, NH 03856
Town of Newington 603-436-7640 603-436-7188 link 205 Nimble Hill Rd, Newington, NH 03801
Town of Newmarket 603-659-3073x1305 link 186 Main Street, Newmarket, NH 03857
Town of Newport 603-863-2224 link 15 Sunapee St • Newport, NH 03773
Town of Newton 603-382-4096x-12 (603) 382-2596 link PO Box 375, 2 Town Hall Road, Newton, NH 03858
Town of North Hampton 603-964-6029 603-964-2906 link 237 Atlantic Avenue, North Hampton, NH 03862
Town of Northfield 603-286-4482 link 21 Summer Street, Northfield, NH 03276
Town of Northumberland 603-636-1451 603-636-6098 link 3 State Street, Groveton, NH 03582
Town of Northwood 603-942-5586 x-201 (603) 942-9107 link 818 First New Hampshire Turnpike, Northwood, NH 03261
Town of Nottingham 603-679-9598 (603) 679-1013 link PO Box 114, 139 Stage Road, Nottingham, NH 03290
Town of Orange 603-523-7054 link Municipal Building, PO Box 37, Canaan, NH 03741
Town of Orford 603-353-4404 link 2529 Route 25A, Orford, NH 03777
Town of Ossipee 603-539-2008 (603) 539-2856 link 55 Main Street, PO Box 67, Center Ossipee, NH 03814
Town of Pelham 603-635-2040 link 6 Village Grn, Pelham, NH
Town of Pembroke 603-485-4747 link Pembroke Town Hall, 311 Pembroke Street, Pembroke, NH 03275
Town of Peterborough 603-924-8000 x-105 link 1 Grove Street - Peterborough, NH 03458
Town of Piermont 603-272-4840 130 Route 10, Piermont, NH 03779
Town of Pittsburg 603-538-6699 link 1526 Main St, Pittsburg, NH
Town of Pittsfield 603-435-6773 603-435-7922 link 85 Main St., Pittsfield, NH. 03263
Town of Plainfield 603-469-3201 link 110 Main Street, Plainfield, NH 03781 PO Box 380, Meriden, NH 03770
Town of Plaistow 603-382-8129 X-16 (603) 382-0006 link 145 Main Street, Plaistow, NH 03865
Town of Plymouth 603-536-1732 603-536-0036 link 6 Post Office Square, Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264
City of Portsmouth 603-610-7207 (603) 427-1579 link 1 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801
Town of Randolph 603-466-5771 (603) 466-9856 link 130 Durand Road, Randolph, NH 03593
Town of Raymond 603-895-4735 x-109 (603) 895-0903 link Town of Raymond, 4 Epping Street, Raymond, NH 03077
Town of Richmond 603-239-6202 (603) 239-6202 link 105 Old Homestead Highway, Richmond, NH
Town of Rindge 603-899-5181 X107 603-899-2108 link RINDGE, NH 03461
City of Rochester 603-332-2130 603-509-1915 link City Hall, 31 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH 03867
Town of Rollinsford 603-742-2510 603-740-0254 link 667 Main Street, PO Box 309, Rollinsford, NH US 03869
Town of Roxbury 603-352-4903 603-352-4903 link 3 Middletown Road, Roxbury, NH 03431
Town of Rumney 603-786-2237 603-786-2237 link 79 Depot Street, PO Box 275, Rumney, NH 03266
Town of Rye 603-964-8562 (603) 964-4132 link 10 Central Road, Rye, NH 03870
Town of Salem 603-890-2116 (603) 685-6402 link 33 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH 03079
Town of Salisbury 603-648-2473 (603) 648-6658 link 9 Old Coach Road, Academy Hall, Salisbury, NH PO Box 214 - Salisbury, NH 03268
Town of Sanbornton 603-286-4034 (603) 286-9544 link PO Box 124, Sanbornton, NH 03269
Town of Sandown 603-887-4870 (603) 887-8977 link 320 Main Street, PO Box 583, Sandown, NH 03873
Town of Sandwich 603-284-7113 link 8 Maple St, Center Sandwich, NH 03227 PO Box 194, Center Sandwich, NH 03227
Town of Seabrook 603-474-3152 603-474-8007 link PO Box 476, 99 Lafayette Road, Seabrook, NH 03874
Town of Sharon 603-924-9250 link 432 NH Route 123, Sharon, NH 03458-7125
Town of Shelburne 603-466-2262 (603) 466-5271 link 74 Village Road, Shelburne, NH 03581
City of Somersworth 603-692-9511 603-692-9574 link One Government Way, Somersworth, NH 03878
Town of South Hampton 603-394-7696 603-394-2143 link 3 Hilldale Avenue, South Hampton, NH 03827
Town of Springfield 603-763-4805 link 2750 Main Street, PO Box 22, Springfield NH 03284
Town of Stark 603-636-2118 1189 Stark Highway, Stark, NH 03582
Town of Stewartstown 603-246-3329 PO Box 119, West Stewartstown, NH 03597
Town of Stoddard 603-446-2214 (603) 446- 2214 link PO Box 373, 1450 Route 123 North, Stoddard, NH 03464-4153
Town of Strafford 603-664-2192 x102 (603) 664-7276 link 12 Mountain View Drive, Strafford, NH 03884
Town of Stratford 603-922-5598 603.922.3317 link Town Office Building, 10 Town Common Road, Stratford, NH 03590
Town of Stratham 603-772-4741 603-775-0517 link Stratham Town Office, 10 Bunker Hill Ave. Attn: Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Stratham, NH 03885
Town of Sugar Hill 603-823-8516 link PO Box 574, 1411 Route 117, Sugar Hill NH 03586
Town of Sullivan 603-847-3316 603-847-9154 link PO Box 110, 452 Centre St., Sullivan, NH 03445
Town of Sunapee 603-763-2449 (603)763-4608 link 23 Edgemont Rd., PO Box 303, Sunapee, NH 03782
Town of Surry 603-352-3075 link 1 Village Road, Surry NH 03431
Town of Sutton 603-927-4575 603-927-4646 link 93 Main Street, Sutton MIlls, NH 03221 PO Box 487, North Sutton, NH 03260
Town of Swanzey 603-352-7411X-102 (603) 352-6250 link Swanzey Town Hall, 620 Old Homestead Highway (Route 32), Swanzey, NH 03446-0009
Town of Tamworth 603-323-7971 (603) 323-2347 link 84 Main Street, Tamworth, NH 03886
Town of Temple 603-878-3873 603-878-5067 link 423 Route 45, PO Box 191, Temple, NH 03084
Town of Thornton 603-726-4232 603-726-2078 link Town of Thornton,16 Merrill Access Road, Thornton, NH 03285
Town of Tilton 286.4521 ext 104 603.286.3519 link 257 Main Street, Tilton, NH 03276
Town of Troy 603-242-3845 603-242-3430 link 16 Central Sq, Troy, NH 03465
Town of Tuftonboro 603-569-4539 x-11 (603) 569-4328 link PO Box 98, 240 Middle Road, Center Tuftonboro, NH 03816
Town of Unity 603-542-9665 603-542-9736 link 13 Center Road, Charlestown, NH 03603
Town of Wakefield 603-522-6205 x-306 603-522-6794 link 2 High St, Sanbornville, NH 03872
Town of Walpole 603-756-3514 (603) 756- 4153 link 34 Elm Street, Walpole, NH 03608 PO Box 756, Walpole, NH 03608
Town of Warner 603-456-2298 x-2 603-456-3576 link 5 East Main Street, PO Box 265, Warner NH 03278
Town of Warren 603-764-5780 link 8 Water Street, Warren, NH 03279
Town of Washington 603-495-3667 603-495-1739 link 7 Halfmoon Pond Road, Washington, NH 03280
Town of Waterville Valley 603-236-4730 (603) 236 - 2056 link PO Box 500 • Waterville Valley, NH 03215
Town of Weare 603-529-7575 603- 529-7571 link 15 Flanders Memorial Road, Weare, NH 03281
Town of Webster 603-648-2538 603) 648-6055 link 945 Battle Street, Webster, NH
Town of Wentworth 603-764-5244 603-764-9362 link PO Box 2, Wentworth, NH 03282-0002
Town of Westmoreland 603-399-7211 link 780 Rte 63 - PO Box 111, Westmoreland, NH 03467
Town of Whitefield 603-837-9871 link 38 King Square, Whitefield, NH 03598 7 Jefferson Road, Whitefield, NH 03598
Town of Wilmot 603-526-9639 603-526-4067 link PO Box 94, Wilmot, NH 03287
Town of Wilton 603-654-9451 603-654-6663 link PO Box 83, 42 Main St, Wilton, NH 03086
Town of Winchester 603-239-6233 603-239-4146 link 1 Richmond Road, Winchester, NH 03470
Town of Windham 603-434-5075 (603) 425-6582 link 3 N. Lowell Road, Windham, NH PO Box 120, Windham, NH 03087
Town of Windsor 603-478-3292 603-478-3293 link 14 White Pond Road, Windsor, NH 03244
Town of Wolfeboro 603-569-5328 (603)569-8184 link PO Box 1207, 88 South Main Street, Wolfeboro, NH 03894
Town of Woodstock 603-745-8752 1-603-745-2393 link PO Box 156, North Woodstock, NH 03262

Term limits

State executives

Portal:State Executive Officials
See also: State executives with term limits and States with gubernatorial term limits

New Hampshire does not place term limits on state executive offices.

State legislators

See also: State legislatures with term limits

New Hampshire does not place term limits on state legislators.

Congressional partisanship

See also: List of United States Representatives from New Hampshire and List of United States Senators from New Hampshire

Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from New Hampshire:

Congressional Partisan Breakdown from New Hampshire
Party U.S. Senate U.S. House Total
     Democratic Party 1 1 2
     Republican Party 1 1 2
TOTALS as of March 2015 2 2 4

State legislative partisanship

Portal:State legislatures

Here is the current partisan breakdown of members of the state legislature of New Hampshire:


Party As of March 2015
     Democratic Party 10
     Republican Party 14
Total 24


Party As of March 2015
     Democratic Party 160
     Republican Party 237
     Independent 1
     Vacancy 2
Total 400

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Other information


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