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Yellow padlock.png = The deadline for filing language in this state has passed.[1]

Red padlock.png = A petition drive deadline has passed.

This is a research page that is designed to track the number of initiatives filed in each of the states with initiative or referendum that allow those measures to be placed on 2013 ballots.[2]

This page does count:

The 2013 Tuesday Count
  • Initiatives that were filed in states with a rolling petition deadline that might still qualify for the 2014 ballot or 2015 ballot.[4]
  • Multiple versions of what appears to basically be the same initiative.[5]
Lists of failed initiatives
  • Initiatives that have already qualified for a 2013 ballot.

This page does not count:

  • Ballot measures proposed by a state legislature.[6]
  • Initiatives that groups have said they are going to file, but have not actually filed.
  • States that do not allow initiatives to be placed on odd-number year ballots - explained in detail below.

Odd-numbered election years

Only a few states typically allow initiatives to appear on odd-numbered year ballots. States not listed in the chart below include:

Initiative tracking chart

State Filings website # on 1/1/2013 # on 2/1/2013 # on 3/1/2013 # on 4/1/2013 # on 5/1/2013 # on 6/1/2013 # on 7/1/2013 # on 8/1/2013
Red padlock.png Colorado Current filings 0 0 0 0 25 26 31 32
Red padlock.png Maine Current filings 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Red padlock.pngMississippi Current filings 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5
Red padlock.pngOhio Current filings 0 0 5 6 6 7 8 8
Red padlock.png[7]Washington Current filings 57 57 57 71 77 83 85 85
Total: 63 63 70 85 116 124 132 133

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  1. Not all states set a deadline by which sponsors must file a copy of a proposed initiative. In states that do not have a deadline by which a sponsor must file a copy of the proposed initiative with elections officials, the only relevant deadline is the signature deadline.
  2. Sponsors of many, and perhaps even most, of the initiatives filed for the 2013 ballot will withdraw or abandon them, in many cases without mounting a serious petition drive.
  3. A separate list of initiatives whose sponsors officially withdrew them is forthcoming. Most initiatives that are destined to fail are not officially withdrawn.
  4. Even if they missed their 2013 deadline, as long as they did have a chance of qualifying for the 2013 ballot.
  5. As evidenced by the fact that the multiple versions were filed by the same sponsor or group of sponsors, and include very similar but not entirely identical language.
  6. See 2013 ballot measures and Potential 2013 ballot measures for information about legislative referrals that have or might qualify for the 2013 ballot.
  7. Only for initiatives to the legislature