Ballot measure information on Arizona county websites

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Arizona has 14 counties and as of September 2010, Ballotpedia staff has identified that all 14 of those counties include local ballot measure information. The counties listed below are all the counties that do include this information on their elections website, along with a link to that part of the county election website.
County Election website Years of election results Notes
Apache County Website 2008-2010
Cochise County Website 2002-2010
Coconino County Website 2002-2010
Gila County Website 2000-2010
Greenlee County Website 2004-2010
La Paz County Website 2000-2010
Maricopa County Website 2002-2010
Mohave County Website 2004-2010
Navajo County Website 2004-2010
Pima County Website 2010
Pinal County Website 2004-2010
Santa Cruz County Website 2003-2010
Yavapai County Website 2000-2010
Yuma County Website 1994-2010