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Welcome to Ballotpedia’s one-stop source for information about the 2013 state executive official elections. On this page you can find comprehensive, unbiased coverage of candidates and elections, including links to every state’s general election page on Ballotpedia. The 2013 elections are an off-year for state executive officials, but there's still some races to follow.

Elections in 2013 take place on April 2 (Wisconsin) and November 5 (New Jersey, Virginia).

If you have any questions about state executive officials please contact Geoff Pallay.

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State Executive Official Elections

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New JerseyVirginiaWisconsin

Our coverage

We will be covering 6 state executive official elections in 3 states from the day the candidate filing period ends to the day the newly elected officials take office.

Top office vs. Down ballot

At Ballotpedia, we divide the state executives into top offices and down ballot seats, and we provide different types of coverage. Top offices include governors, lieutenant governors, attorneys general and secretaries of state. For those elections, we have separate pages that provide in-depth coverage of every stage of the election, from candidate profiles, primary results and to polling, campaign finance reports, and unique news articles.

The down ballot races also get individual coverage, but the pages are broken out by state instead of by office. For example, the 2012 North Carolina "down ballot" races for treasurer, auditor, superintendent of public instruction, insurance commissioner and labor commissioner were grouped together on one page. Each race has a tab that provides background information, links to candidate profiles, results, campaign ads, and much more.

Our candidate pages

There are two types of candidates: current officials who are running for office and new candidates who do not currently hold an office we cover on Ballotpedia. For all candidates we strive to provide you, our reader, with the following information:

  • Clear biographical information, including education
  • Who the candidates is running against and when the elections will be held
  • Campaign finance information
  • Links to their campaign website, Facebook candidate pages, and Twitter accounts (where available)
  • Election results

Signature filing deadlines

Each state sets the deadline for when candidates must declare for election. Once the filing deadline passes, the state will verify signatures and issue an official list of candidates document. The timing of a document like this varies for each state. Some states will immediately release a document that is an unofficial list of candidates -- meaning it could contain some candidates who ultimately may either withdraw or be disqualified prior to the primary. In these situations, Ballotpedia staff will be adding links to these lists and adding names of candidates to election pages within 1-2 weeks of the list being released. Profiles will then be built of the candidates.

However, in other situations, states do not release any compiled list of candidates until weeks of even months have elapsed past the deadline. In these situations, Ballotpedia staff will work to build as many candidates can based on news reports and direct contact with candidates.

Primary elections

As each primary takes place, Ballotpedia staff will be indicating the winners and losers within 24-48 hours of the primary. Candidates who defeat an opponent in a primary will then have an election box added to the profile. Following the primary, the elections page will be updated to indicate which candidates will appear in the general election.

General election

On election night, Ballotpedia staff will be updating election pages with check marks to indicate the winner of each race.

Original analysis

Throughout the election season, Ballotpedia staff will be creating analysis pages regarding the state executive races. For example:

  • Election reports three months, two months, and one month prior to the November general election that highlight the more competitive races and provide predictions for the outcomes of each of the top office races
  • Racetracking of races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and secretary of state
  • List of incumbent state executives who are running for a new office
  • Feature articles from each state following the candidate filing deadline
2013 State Executive Primary Information
State Signature Filing Deadline Primary Date Notes/Costs for candidates Days between Deadline and Primary
New Jersey 4/1/2013 6/04/2013 Candidates for Governor must submit 1,000 signatures.[1] 64
Virginia 3/28/2013 6/11/2013 (Republican convention will be held 5/18/2013) Democratic primary** candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General must pay a filing fee equaling 2% of the annual salary for the office during the year of the filing (Governor-$3,500.00;Lieutenant Governor-$726.42;Attorney General-$3,000.00) and submit at least 10,000 signatures, including a minimum of 400 from each of Virginia's 11 congressional districts.[2][3] The deadline to file for the general election for Independent party candidates is 6/17/2013 and 6/11/2013 for non-party candidates.[4] 74
Wisconsin 1/2/2013 2/19/2013 Candidates for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction must submit 2,000-4,000 signatures to qualify for ballot placement.[5] 48

**Beginning in 2013, the Republican party of Virginia will select its candidates for governor, lt. governor, and attorney general by a party-funded primary nominating convention. The Democratic party will continue to nominate gubernatorial candidates by taxpayer-funded primary election.