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| align="center" | '''18'''
| align="center" | '''18'''
| [[Connecticut Early Voting Amendment (2014)|Early Voting Amendment (CT)]]
| [[Connecticut Early Voting Amendment (2014)|Early Voting Amendment (CT)]]
| align="center" | '''+1'''
| align="center" | [[BC#May|May 16 (2013)]]
| align="center" | '''19'''
| [[Missouri Evidence in Sexual Crimes Against Minors, Amendment 2 (2014)|Evidence in Sexual Crimes Against Minors (MO)]]
| align="center" | '''+1'''
| align="center" | '''+1'''

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2014 Ballot Measure Scorecard
Tuesday Count-Checkmark.png

Approveda This chart shows on a week-by-week basis the number of ballot measures that have been certified for the 2014 ballot.[1]
Approveda Certified means that it is already legally determined that the ballot measure will be on a statewide ballot.
Approveda Ballot measures listed in the third column were certified in the week leading up to that Tuesday's count.
Warning icon.png At times, court cases are decided that remove certified measures. If that should happen, the change in certification status will be documented here.

Tuesday Total measures certified Added this week Total change
May (2011) 1 Abortion Amend. (TN) +1
October (2011) 2 Rainy Day Fund (CA) +1
2012 4 Water Bond (CA), Insurance Companies Required to Justify Their Rates to the Public Initiative (CA) +2
Mar. 12 (2013) 5 Judicial Selection Amendment (TN) +1
Mar. 19 (2013) 7 Margins Tax Initiative (NV), Constitutional Amendment A (WY) +2
Mar. 26 (2013) 8 Life Begins at Conception Amendment (ND) +1
April 4, (2013) 9 Mandatory Judicial Retirement Age (HI) +1
Apr. 9 (2013) 11 Public Act 408 (MI), State Funding for Private Childhood Education (HI) +2
Apr. 16 (2013) 11 State Auditor Renaming Amendment (MT), Income Tax Amendment (TN) +2
Apr. 23 (2013) 17 Montana Late Voter Registration Revision Measure (MT), Primary Election Revision Measure (MT), Legislative Approval of State Agency Rules Amendment (AR),Elected Officials Ethics, Transparency and Financial Reform Amendment (AR), Ballot Measure Signature Requirements Amendment (AR), Commission of Higher Education Amendment (ND) +6
May 14 (2013) 18 Early Voting Amendment (CT) +1
May 16 (2013) 19 Evidence in Sexual Crimes Against Minors (MO) +1
May 21 (2013) 20 Missouri Right-to-Farm Amendment (MO), State Sovereignty Amendment (AZ) +2
May 28 (2013) 23 Wolf Hunting Referendum (MI), Mining Tax Cap Amendment (NV), American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment (AL) +3
June 11 (2013) 24 Redemption of Blighted Property Amendment (LA) +1
June 18 (2013) 34 Hospital Stabilization Fund Amendment (LA), Medical Assistance Trust Fund Amendment (LA), Artificial Reef Development Fund Protection Amendment (LA), Tax Rebate Debate Amendment (LA), Permanently Disabled Homeowners Tax Break Amendment (LA), Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption Correction Amendment (LA), Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Membership Amendment (LA), Initiative Filing Deadline Amendment, Measure 1 (ND), Property Transfer Tax Ban Amendment, Measure 2 (ND), Referral and Initiative Reform Amendment, Measure 4 (ND) +10
June 26 (2013) 36 Independent Redistricting Amendment (NY), Electronic Bills Amendment (NY) +2


  1. If it is discovered in, for example, June that the chart has been missing a measure all year that was legally certified before January 1, the chart will be retroactively updated in each cell to reflect that reality, and the change will be documented on the article's talk page.