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February 16, 2010


By Bailey Ludlam

69 ballot measures remain on the ballot in 27 states across the country this week, according to Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count. Of the 69 certified measures a total of 50 propose amending state constitutions, while 10 refer to existing or new state statutes. Four measures are veto referendums, two of which have already appeared on the ballot in the state of Oregon. Additionally, four measures - in Iowa, Maryland, Michigan and Montana - are automatic ballot referrals that ask voters whether a constitutional convention should be held.

In the last week, signature petitions for at least two proposed measures have been submitted for the 2010 ballot. In Colorado, Colorado Fetal Personhood Amendment supporters submitted approximately 80,000 petition signatures. A minimum of 76,047 valid signatures are required. In Ohio, supporters of the proposed Ohio Slot Machines Veto Referendum filed 177,000 additional signatures after they fell short 27,065 signatures in their initial attempt.

Ballot measures in California and Alaska are currently pending signature verification. California Marijuana Legalization Initiative supporters filed over 700,000 qualifying signatures on January 28, 2010, versus a requirement of 433,971 signatures. Alaska Parental Notification Initiative supporters filed approximately 47,000 signatures, surpassing the required number signatures.

Ballot measure breakdown:

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