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Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count slowly increases to 120

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June 1, 2010


By Bailey Ludlam

Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count looks like it may be out of a slump. This week the count reached a total of 120 certified ballot measures following the certification of two Oklahoma proposals: the Oklahoma Health Care Freedom Amendment and the Oklahoma Rainy Day Fund Amendment. Like the majority of 2010 ballot measures, they will appear on the November 2 general election ballot.

Legislative approval of the proposed Health Care Freedom Amendment makes Oklahoma the fourth state to refer a federal health care related measure to the statewide ballot. The hotly debated proposal asks voters if they would like to prohibit rules against participation in specific health care. The House voted 88-9 to refer the measure to the statewide ballot on May 25. The Senate had previously voted 30-13 in favor of the measure.

Additionally, this past week the Oklahoma Legislature approved a proposed Rainy Day Fund Amendment for the 2010 ballot. The measure asks voters voters if they are in favor of increasing the amount of money that goes into the state's reserve funds, also known as "Rainy Day Funds."

Voters in Alabama are heading to the polls for today's primary election. In addition to voicing their opinions on state officials, Alabama voters will have a say on a proposed Propane Gas Promotion Programs Amendment. If approved the legislatively-referred amendment would allow the propane industry to levy a fee on itself. The fee would be paid by retailers upon purchase of propane on a per-gallon basis. Collected revenue would be used for rebates to buyers wanting to obtain propane equipment that would be energy-efficient. According to supporters, the measure is estimated to raise $120,000-$150,000 per year.

STAY TUNED! Election results for Alabama's statewide ballot measure will be available on Ballotpedia and updated as the data is reported by the secretary of state.

Elections Today - June 1
Alabama statewide election (1 measure)
4 local Alabama elections
2 local Wisconsin elections
Upcoming elections
June 7:
1 local Maryland election
June 8:
California statewide election (5 measures)
Maine statewide election (5 measures)

The chart below highlights the number of measures currently certified for the 2010 ballot and the way in which they were placed on the ballot - either by legislative referral or by citizen initiative.
NOTE: Measures referred to the ballot include referred statutes, amendments, referred advisories and automatic measures. Measures petitioned to the ballot include initiated amendments, state statutes and veto referenda.

Type of ballot measure How many on 2010 ballot? Percent of total
Measures referred to the ballot 99 82.5%
Measures petitioned to the ballot 21 17.5%
Total 120 100%

To view ballot measure changes as they happen make sure to check our Official Tuesday Count and our discussion page for retroactive changes.

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