Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count surpasses the century mark

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April 27, 2010


By Bailey Ludlam

Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count is on the rise and with petition deadlines around the corner and legislative sessions ending, primary and general election ballots are beginning to form. This week the Tuesday Count surpassed the century mark with 101 ballot measures certified for 32 statewide ballots.

In what has been called a "controversial act," the Florida Legislature approved the proposed Florida Health Care Freedom Act for the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot; making Florida the second state to qualify such a measure for the ballot. Similar measures have been proposed in numerous states across the country, following the approval of federal health care law by President Barack Obama.

On April 30 Idaho's petition drive deadline comes to an end. According to Idaho officials, a total of 20 initiatives were filed for the 2010 ballot. However, the Idaho Bible Study Initiative is the only one with reported extensive circulation activity. The proposed initiated state statute would make it legal for any school board in the state to allow for an “elective” bible class in public schools. According to reports, supporters have obtained only 5,000 signatures as of last week. A minimum of 51,712 valid signatures are required to qualify the initiative for the ballot.

In exactly one week the second statewide election of the 2010 season will be held in Ohio. Two measures are scheduled to appear on the ballot:

May 4 ballot:

Type Title Subject Description
LRSS Issue 1 Bond issues Authorize the state to spend $1 billion over five years through bonding on the Ohio Third Frontier program
LRCA Issue 2 Gambling Change the location from the Arena District to the former Delphi Corp. auto-parts plant

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