Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count totals 174 certified measures for 2010

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September 7, 2010


By Bailey Ludlam

As the November election approaches, state officials are putting the final touches on ballots across the country. Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count is reporting a total of 174 certified measures in 36 different states for 2010 elections. In the last few days Colorado, Missouri and North Dakota added an additional measure to their November ballots.

On August 31, the proposed Missouri Real Estate Taxation Amendment was referred to the statewide ballot following a ruling by Cole County Circuit Judge Paul Wilson. Immediately following the ruling Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan said the state planned to appeal the court's decision after questions were raised regarding the state's election rules. However, following an amendment to the original ruling, state officials dropped the appeal.

The Colorado Criminal Defendant Bail Bond Initiative is also scheduled to appear on the Colorado 2010 ballot, according to the secretary of state's office. The measure will appear as Proposition 102. It's certification marks the end of pending filed initiatives proposed for 2010 in the state of Colorado.

A proposed initiative in North Dakota was certified in the last week by state officials for the general election ballot. The measure proposes banning fenced hunting such as game preserves where people pay to shoot big-game animals. The same ballot initiative was proposed in 2008, North Dakota Captive Hunting Petition, but supporters failed to collect sufficient valid signatures to place the initiative on the ballot. According to state documents, the measure will appear as "Initiated Statutory Measure No. 2."

As of this week, petition drive deadlines for citizen-initiated measures remain in only one state - Oklahoma - however, no initiative petitions are currently circulating.

In total, citizens across the United States have successfully qualified 50 measures through the initiative process. This includes initiated amendments, state statutes and veto referenda. The last time so few citizen initiatives were seen on ballots was in 1986 when 46 citizen proposed measures qualified.

Local ballot measure news:
Although state election news has slowed, local elections continue. Next week, on September 14 local elections will take place in Michigan and Wisconsin. For more information on local ballot measure elections click here.

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