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*[[Portal:State Executive Officials|State executive officials]]
*[[Portal:State Executive Officials|State executive officials]]
*[[Portal:State Legislatures|State legislatures]]
*[[Portal:State Legislatures|State legislatures]]
*[[Portal:Ballot measures|Ballot measures]]
*[[Portal:Ballot Measures|Ballot measures]]
*[[Portal:School Boards and School Board Elections|School boards]]
*[[Portal:School Boards and School Board Elections|School boards]]
*[[Ballot access for major and minor party candidates|Candidate ballot access]]
*[[Ballot access for major and minor party candidates|Candidate ballot access]]

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Ballotpedia is an online encyclopedia about American politics and elections. Our goal is to connect people to politics by providing accurate and objective information about politics at the local, state, and federal level.

How we operate

Ballotpedia is published on a wiki platform, meaning any registered user is welcome to add knowledge and improve our content. Every submission to Ballotpedia is fact-checked and curated by our professional editing staff. All Ballotpedia content must be neutral, accurate, and verifiable. Ballotpedia currently has 806,138 articles and 10,754 registered users.


Ballotpedia is sponsored by the Lucy Burns Institute, a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The Lucy Burns Institute is funded entirely by private contributions, and does not receive government funding. Ballotpedia's sister site is Judgepedia, an online encyclopedia of American courts and judges.

Who we are

Ballotpedia has an editorial staff of 34 writers and researchers. Although we have an office in Madison, Wisconsin, the majority of our staff work from home offices across the United States. Bailey Ludlam serves as the editor of Ballotpedia. A full list of Ballotpedia's employees is available here.

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Ballotpedia's content projects include:

History and impact

Since Ballotpedia's founding in 2007, we’ve received over 350 million page views. Our work has been referenced in over 5,000 media outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Politico.

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Ballotpedia cultivates thriving citizenship through the free and open sharing of information. The video below explains Ballotpedia's mission.

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