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Ballotpedia:Article guidelines

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List of articles with guidelines for writing various types of articles

Style guidelines

The "writing" template

There's a template on Ballotpedia that can be added to the discussion or talk page of any page about a specific ballot measure.

To add the template to a page, type {{writing}}.

When added to a page, what appears is this:

BallotpediaAvatar bigger (transparent background).png This Ballotpedia article needs to be updated.
Note: The factual accuracy of this article may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Please update the article to reflect recent events and remove this template when finished.
Useful links

Writing articles about ballot measures

  • Naming the article
  • Including hyperlinks and footnotes.
  • Strive for a neutral point of view and Avoid weasel words.
  • Long lists of supporters, opponents are to be eschewed.
  • Avoid edit wars. Deleting relevant, sourced information is often a step on the way to an edit war.
  • Before making edits that are likely to be controversial, discuss the issue on the article's talk page.
  • In general, strive for neutrality, balance, and fairness of tone.
  • Add useful information...links to campaign finance filings, links to the websites of the organizations that support and oppose the ballot measure.
  • What are the main arguments that are being made for and against? Incorporate this information in bullet-pointed lists with references to primary source material. Write about the arguments others are making, and clarify where necessary that that's what you're doing.
  • Use subsections and bullet points liberally.
  • Read articles like Proposition 93 to get ideas of what to include and for style tips.
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