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{{Tnr}}Do you have information that you'd like to see added to Ballotpedia? You can do that via the submission forms below. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at [].
My name is Pierre Antoine Cetoute. I was born in the southern part of  Haiti-Toro. I moved to America 15 years ago.  
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|<u>''Note from Ballotpedia</u>:'' Submissions are reviewed weekly, however as the election year becomes busier our upload time will naturally slow. Please bear with us. You can also [[Ballotpedia:How_to_contribute_to_Ballotpedia|register to add content]] directly to the website. All content is reviewed.
===Photo submission===
===Photo submission===

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My name is Pierre Antoine Cetoute. I was born in the southern part of Haiti-Toro. I moved to America 15 years ago.

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