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The Ballotpedia deletion policy describes how material which does not meet the relevant content criteria is identified and removed from Ballotpedia.

Reasons for deletion include but are not limited to violation of copyright, content that does not belong in an encyclopedia, content not verifiable in a reliable source, and unreferenced negative content in biographies of living persons.

Deletion of a Ballotpedia article removes the current version and all previous versions from view. Unlike page blanking, which can be performed (or reverted) by any user, deletion can be performed only by administrators. Administrators can also view deleted pages and reverse ("undelete") any deletion. All such actions are logged.

Reasons for deletion

Reasons for deletion include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Advertising or other spam.
  • Content that isn't suitable.
  • Copyright infringement
  • The article is a duplicate of another
  • Images that are unused or obsolete.
  • Images that violate fair-use policy.
  • Inappropriate user pages
  • Inflammatory redirects
  • Self-promotion
  • Naked campaign advertising
  • Patent nonsense or gibberish
  • Vandalism that is not correctable

Speedy deletion

Some articles or some content are so obviously vandalism or clearly amount to a bad faith edit that they should just be removed when noticed by any administrator/sysops who notices them.

Proposing articles for deletion

An article can also be proposed for deletion. A link to the article should be left there, along with some idea of why an editor thinks it should be deleted.

The easiest way to nominate an article for deletion is to put the {{delete}} in the page's wiki markup.

If you know or want to add a specific reason to delete, add the reason as the first parameter of the template, like this: {{delete|<reason>}}

How to block

See: Help:Blocking users


Unsure about the page that you want to delete? Reach out to one of Ballotpedia's project directors or email