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Disambiguation is the term used on Ballotpedia to refer to times when a term, name or phrase is associated with more than one topic.

Disambiguation pages help readers and contributors sort out which article they meant to go to or work on, of the variety of different articles with similar names that exist.

An example of a term that may cause confusion is "Proposition 8." When many people think of "Proposition 8", they are thinking of the well-known ballot proposition that was on the 2008 ballot in California: California Proposition 8 (2008). However, there are other ballot measures named "Proposition 8" both in California and in other states. As a result, it is important for people to have a way to sort out and find information about those other propositions.

Hence, there is a page on Ballotpedia called Proposition 8, which allows a reader to find whichever "Proposition 8" article they are looking for.