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Edit review process
You made an edit on Ballotpedia. Great!

Every edit (by staff and non-staff) on Ballotpedia is reviewed. Especially during the busy election seasons.

We do this in an effort to maintain a community of fairness and openness in politics, on both sides of the aisle. Ballotpedia isn't a part of any political party and we don't support candidates. Loaded terminology or sentence structure can very quickly transform an informative article to one filled with bias wording.

The review process checks for more than just bias. The process checks grammar, spelling errors, facts, references, and much more.

This process is in effect year-round. Particular attention is paid to election articles and articles about controversial issues.

Below you’ll find details about how the process works and what you can do to help.

If you have any questions please e-mail

How can you help?

See also: "how to edit a page"

Disagree with something particular on an article?

Sometimes you'll disagree about what should be included in an article. That's natural, so discussion about resolving disagreements should occur in the '"Discussion"' tab at the top of the page, rather than by taking turns deleting someone else's contributions or having them delete your own.

How to use talk pages, click here.

The review process

Every effort is made to communicate with non-staff writers when an edit violates Ballotpedia’s policies. Such efforts include adding notes to a user’s talk page or e-mailing the user directly. Every now and then, however, warnings are issued to users. If those warnings are disregarded it may lead to a temporary ban. We follow a three-strikes rule. (read below)

Bans may occur for a number of reasons including: conflict of interest, copyright infractions, personal attacks, spamming, edit warring and violation of Ballotpedia policies. To read more about Ballotpedia’s blocking policy, click here.

Step 1: Questionable edits removed, a note left on the user’s talk page.

If the questionable edit is fixed, then it may be re-added. (end of review)

Step 2: If the note or warning is disregarded and edit is re-added with continued disregard of Ballotpedia policies the edit will be reverted by staff. A second note or “warning” will be posted on the user’s page. Additionally, the note will be emailed to the user using the "e-mail this user" wiki function (this feature only works if an e-mail is associated with the user account).

If the questionable edit is fixed, then it may be re-added. (end of review)

Step 3: If the warnings or notes are disregaded a second time and edits are re-added with continued disregard of Ballotpedia’s policies, the edit will be reverted and the user will be temporarily banned.

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