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An editor is anyone who makes changes of any kind to Ballotpedia. "User", "writer" and "content contributor" are used interchangeably with the word "editor." Ballotpedia has 10,728 registered users/editors/contributors.[1]

There are three categories of Ballotpedia editors: Project editors, sysops, and everyone else who adds content as a contributor.

Timothy Virkalla was the founding editor of Ballotpedia, helping install it and get it running, as well as providing significant content and editorial oversight/guidance.

From March 2008-June 2009, the Sam Adams Alliance employed a small staff of project writers who contributed content to Ballotpedia.

Leslie Graves is the president of the Lucy Burns Institute, which has been Ballotpedia's organizational sponsor since July 1, 2009.

If you have any questions about Ballotpedia, please e-mail Ballotpedia's editor and assistant editor at

See also: Ballotpedia:Volunteer Program and Ballotpedia:Collaboration of the Month


Administrators are editors who have been given special administrative privileges because they have a history of making reliable, positive contributions to Ballotpedia over time. Administrators can:

  • Protect and un-protect pages.
  • Block and un-block users.
  • Delete pages.

A list of administrators can be found at Special:Listusers/sysop.

Content contributors/editors

A content contributor/editor is anyone who registers with Ballotpedia and edits an article, to however small or large an extent. Anyone who can follow the policies is welcome to become an editor/contributor.

Ballotpedia's community of users, editors and readers

Editors and readers can talk to others about articles, editing policies, Ballotpedia, what they're working on or planning as projects and so on through the community pages.


  1. The number of registered users automatically updates whenever a new user registers. The number provided is automatically generated by the MediaWiki software that Ballotpedia runs on.